The malady of United Nation

The history of United Nation Organisation (UNO) is the story of the birth of an illegitimate child, born out of wedlock of necessity of America and Great Britain. That is why the permanent members of their Security Council are the allies who by act of providence were the victors namely Russia, China ( of General Chiang Kai Sheik, later replaced by Peoples Republic of China.) and France. Time has proved that inspite of all the noble articles in its charter, the UN has failed miserably to live up to the noble cause for which it has been formed. The main theme of the charter is to deliver their rights to the human beings, there are hundreds and thousands of disputes, which are still hanging fire in the archives of this august body and yet there are some who have got the patronage of the father of this illegitimate child, who have got more than their due.

The Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan was taken to United Nation by India, where four resolutions were passed in different months of 1948 and accepted by both India and Pakistan, one of which was the holding of plebiscite in the disputed territory of Kashmir and the other was for withdrawal of the warring elements to the original position.

This was the time when the matter of appointment of Governor General of India and Pakistan was being discussed. Lord Earl Mountbatten, a great great-grandson of Queen Victoria, the then Viceroy of India had his ambitions of becoming the joint Governor General of both the dominions of India and Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam took the carpet from under the feet of Lord Earl Mountbatten, when he declared himself to be the Governor General of Pakistan. Mountbatten hastily did two things to harm the interest of Pakistan. He landed Indian troops in Kashmir inspite of UN resolution of withdrawal and he drew up a plan for partition of Punjab and Bengal and flew over to London for the approval of the British Prime Minister. Thus the fate of Kashmir continues to hang in balance in the archives of the United Nation.

Plebiscite in Kashmir has been an admitted fact even by the founding father of India Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, who himself had taken the matter to the United Nation Security Council. Is it not also a fact that after having been in jail for 10 years or more Shaikh Abdullah was able to convince Pundit Nehru, who released him and sent him to President Ayub Khan to settle Kashmir problem in 1963-64. The founding father of India never envisaged that India and Pakistan have to live like enemies for life. Partition of India was a result of a settlement between All India Muslim League and the Indian National Congress. The present tempo of enmity is eating at the roots of the nation’s progress on both sides. It is therefore imperative and necessary that Pakistani and Indian leaders bury this hatchet and sit round a table and evolve a formula of never a war pact, then and only then Pakistan and India can survive.

It is a fact of history that whenever it suits the interest of United Nation and their most favoured allies, prompt action is taken by the United Nation, as in the case of East Timor. Who has been declared independent of the control of Republic of Indonesia. The situation in Middle East is volatile where Israeli armour is let lose in Palestine, where hundreds of Palestinians are being ruthlessly killed and their property destroyed, demand of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarrik for a time frame for recognition of sovereign Palestinian state has been brushed off by President George Bush in Washington. No matter how many more Palestinians lose their lives at the hands of Israeli brutality or how many new suicide attempts do take place due to injustice to these people struggling for their just cause and rights, the agenda of West is only to defame these freedom fighters as enemies of Jews and Christians, hence make them a victim of War against terrorism to establish their own writ over Asia. This attitude has given birth to suicidal squads, who are now being given the nickname of terrorist. A terrorist is born because of their helplessness against the mightier power. This is what is happening in Kashmir also. India continued to subjugate the Kashmiris, who were forced to fight for their freedom, naturally Pakistan being another claimant under UN resolution, continues to give the Kashmiris moral support.

The so-called American War Against Terrorism gave India a life time chance of taking full advantage to declare the freedom fighters of Kashmir as terrorists and seek American help to eliminate the freedom fighters and their just cause in Kashmir and thus perpetuate their illegitimate rule over Kashmir.

United Nations apathy is evident from the fact that United Nation Security Council members who met in June 2002 under the Presidentship of Mikhail Wehbe have said ” they favour leaving the issue of Indo Pakistan standoff to International diplomatic efforts without the involvement of the United Nation.” That too inspite of its resolutions of holding a plebiscite in Kashmir fifty years ago. What is the use of such an organisation, which can not force its decision or is it only for the benefit of their Landlords on whose land the UN building stands. India must realize that Americans policies are always pragmatic and they will take no time in forsaking India no sooner their purpose is served as they did in the case of Shah of Iran, the famous American policeman of the East.

It is abundantly clear that UN stands only for the Whites. China is a member of the Security Council because of their grit, determination and performance otherwise United States had tried head over heals to keep Taiwan in the Security Council but they could not because of their pragmatic policy. Taiwan is still an eyesore for China and time is not far off when Taiwan would and should merge into the mainland of China, as did Macao.

It is time now that Third World should unite. Their interest, their culture, their language do lie with the solidarity of third world. Let us form United Nation of the Third World Countries. Regionalism is on the march. Europe has very timely realized the onslaught of America and formed European Union to save their continent. Third World Solidarity organisations realization in calling the present standoff between Pakistan and India as frightening situation for the entire Asia, we wish their meeting in London on 13th June 2002 success and hope that realization will gear-up soon in thinking intelligentsia of India and Pakistan to force their leaders to think independently in the interest of their nation and do not act fast on the dictates of their foreign masters, who are bound to let them down as soon as their own interest is served in this region. It is the need of time that Third World must form a UN of their own and have their own fiscal policy with currency. This is the only way for salvation from the World Jewry.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.