The Little People And The Cost of Empire

In looking at some of the recent polls regarding Bush’s approval rating , it seems to have sunk to a new low. But what really offends and amazes me is, not that it has sunk, but that there are common people who approve of the Bush crime syndicate on any level at all.

Now the media is starting to float the idea about a national draft to maintain troop strength for Bush and Cheney’s imperial escapades around the World, but, with that in mind..

Today is finally Jessica Lynch’s homecoming and now that we have kids dying in Iraq every day as a result of Bush’s petro-fascist occupation of Iraq and we’re being treated on a daily basis by the media to that dopey little fairy tale about Jessica’s rescue, some might wonder why those two post-pubescent spoiled broads Jenna and Barbara (who are Bush’s daughters and are about the same age as Jessica Lynch) don’t enlist in the Army like Jessica did and show how supportive they are for daddy’s dirty little war of attrition.

I’ll tell you why. Because the fighting and dying in wars, like the paying of taxes, is something that’s reserved mainly for the little people in America. These things are not for the special anointed ones like the Bush kids.

You see, the little people don’t have connections in the Texas Air National Guard like George did when he slithered out of the Vietnam War. They don’t have generals and politicians in their pockets that will let them get away with going AWOL for 18 months like the Texas preppie in the Whitehouse did.

So when he put on that flight suit and strutted across the deck of the Abraham Lincoln , it was a slap in the face and a mockery to every soldier who ever had to take real fire in Viet Nam and Iraq.

And of course, Bush’s daughters, having been endowed with the same class privilege , prefer to remain ensconced in their lives of partying and boozing just like the former party animal himself who sired them.

They’re involved in far more stimulating activities than having to get a job or contribute any of their time to serving the country.

That kind of thing is just for the multitudes of suckers who still believe they live in the “Land of the Free”. You know who they are. You see them driving around with cheesy little flags flapping from their car antennas while listening to Shaun Hannity on the radio.

They’re so brain dead, so clueless, that they can even be convinced that their, so called, freedom (which really doesn’t exist since dictator Bush took over anyway) depends on dropping bombs on innocent people 7000 miles away who have never done anything to us.

These are the tiny minds who boycott the Dixie Chicks and eat “Freedom Fries”. Many of them get their inspiration from the fanatical nuts in the wacky looney Christian Right like Pat Robertson, Gary Bauer and Jerry Falwell. They even send these con artists the last pitiful, after tax farthings they were able to spirit away from their miserable little bootlicking dead end jobs.

Of course, Falwell,Robertson,Bauer and the others live like the petty bourgeois filth they are.

This is the crew Dictator Bush and his henchmen depend on to make sure the game continues no matter how monstrous the cost is to average Americans.

Many American lemmings are now paying the real price in the blood of their own kids, while Dictator Bush’s kids proceed to get down for some serious partying at the Crawford Ranch.

Of course, these same taxpaying sheep are being sheared just a little more to pay for the Bush kid’s personal largesse including secret service security, private jet transportation…and probably some pretty good French wine too.

It’s a good thing for Dictator Bush and his henchmen that there are so many ignorant, compliant lemmings in America willing to give their lives in exchange for a few patriotic slogans and speeches sprinkled liberally with the words “Freedom”, “Terrorist” and “Tax Cut.

They’ve proven that they will gladly and faithfully swallow the most outrageous slurry of lies from the trough as long as the slop is colored “red-white-and blue” when served up by Dictator Bush’s club of Republican Media Flunkies.

And even when Bush’s ridiculous, babbling lies and doublespeak are exposed and defined for exactly what they are, these so called “Americans” prefer to delude themselves into believing that the lies were O.K.. It’s O.K for your government to lie to you to start a war and use your kids for cannon fodder while demanding 4 billion dollars per month more money from you to finance it.

But the bottom line is that so many Americans today have been programmed to have no respect for themselves or their country and are the type of people that our forbears were most apprehensive about when they contemplated the nature of those who would eventually inherit this country.

It’s a sad fact of life that many Americans today neither want or understand freedom nor do they really deserve it because they are willing to trade their precious freedoms for the pretense of security.

So to paraphrase Ben Franklin: They deserve neither.

Paul Revere is a freelance journalist, commentator,  political analyst and a proponent of the fundamentalist interpretation of Constitutional issues. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) form New York, NY., USA.