The Left is No More in America

So-called "progressives" are calling for the ouster of George W. Bush as their number one imperative in the upcoming Presidential election.

Never mind that John Kerry IS George W. Bush in most significant policy positions. Never mind that a vote for Kerry will continue, if not worsen, most Bush policies, whether related to the rabid Zionist wall-building on the West Bank, the fraudulent imposition of "democracy" in Iraq, or the costly and inefficient "War on Terrorism" and strengthening of "homeland security".

Kerry is Bush and a vote for Kerry is a vote for continuance of Bush’ policies. Everyone knows this, and "Granny D", speaking at the Boston Social Forum, seriously strained her own credibility by stating that a vote for Kerry is a vote to "save the world".

The so-called Progressives have attacked Ralph Nader almost as hard as they attack Bush. They claim that Nader, by accepting funding from right-wing Republicans, and accepting their signature-gathering capabilities, has somehow sold out. Does that mean that wealthy Republicans who hedge their bets by also giving funds to Kerry are rejected? Has Nader changed his policies one whit in order to please his donors? Has Nader backed off on his anti-corporate platform in order to draw in more right-wing funding? Absolutely not!

But John Kerry sold out weeks ago. John Kerry attempted to solidify his appeal to the Right by recruiting none other than John McCain as his running mate. Why have the so-called progressives not crucified Kerry for attempting to formalize his "joined at the hip" posture with the Republican Right?

There is no Left in America any more. There is no organized mass of people who vote conscience and fight the corporate elite with their money and their votes. The Democrat left has swung to the right of center and there is apparently no vacuum created by the shift. The American people are so controlled and manipulated and brainwashed, if not brain dead, that Americans can no longer look out for their own best interests. The American public is in debt, afraid, and utterly dependent on Big Brother to give a few morsels. The American public is conceptually unaware that it is skimming the bottom of the huge economy, while the wealthy elite skim the top. The American public is so detached from reality that the best candidates, such as Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich, are the least viable.

And the so-called "progressives" support Kerry as if they are one-eyed disables facing right but unable to see left. Progressives know for sure that the right is bad, but they cannot see left and so they assume left is good. But in our Orwellian society, left is right, and right is far right, and left is invisible.

The left is dead and gone. The progressives are in denial. The country is headed towards further disaster no matter who wins the election. Even in Kerry wins, the progressives will take four years to understand their error, and by then, the far right will be set to lie their way back into power.

True progressives are without hope. The game is lost.