The Last Duel: Bush Runs Amuck

“…this is the guy who tried to kill my dad.”

George W. Bush

President Bush used these words in an effort to get revenge on the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Just how did Hussein try to kill his father? I had always thought George Bush tried to kill Saddam. It is a good thing that we do not have the same circumstances in Iraq or else we would be in real danger.

The war has already begun in Iraq, although it is not official yet, but neither was Viet Nam. We have been bombing Iraq’s air defenses and who knows what is next, but this new war is not going to get the best of me, I am still planning on trick or treating this year even though they claim I am too old and I hear it is illegal for an adult to do so. This year I am going out as George W. Bush-I’ll get lots of candy in the fancy neighborhoods. I was also thinking of going to the local shopping mall with a friend, dressed up as Saddam Hussein, and we can chase each other and get into a big fight until security takes us away.

The Iraqi Vice President Ramadan has suggested that President Bush with his selected group and Saddam Hussein with his group choose a neutral piece of land and have a duel using the same weapons. The White House took it as a sullen joke, but it is really not a bad idea and the president should accept it as a serious solution. Ramadan has probably suggested the best idea that anyone can come up with regarding America’s [Bush’s] problem with Saddam Hussein. Why don’t George and Saddam just settle it personally, and it is personal since Bush claimed Hussein tried to kill his dad. The answer to avoiding a lengthy, rigorous, and very dangerous war has been placed in front of the administration and they have refused it. Why get many countries involved in the feud of two men when they can justly settle their quarrel themselves?

Voices need to be heard and what we do now determines what will happen with this country. This war does not make much sense considering we supplied Iraq with weapons and we also supported the Taliban with their fight against Russia. No matter what happens though we will go to war with Iraq. Not all of us agree with it, but we must face the brutal reality that confronts us in this century. This war will be fought on two fronts: the middle east and the homeland.

According to bible prophecy, every nation with a military will be drawn into the fight, for or against Israel. Our country is for Israel and Iraq is against, although this war is supposedly not about that. If we do not go to war something will happen to give us reason to do so. In other words, if we do not strike first, Saddam will, a pawn in the devil’s hand. Although some people do not believe in a god, this still is a major part in the years to come.

American soldiers born in United States will die in Iraq. Guns do not over power weapons of mass destruction nor do threats of force. Destruction will not be limited to just the middle east, but to our country as well. As 9/11 shown, we are very vulnerable to attacks. Our country has enough subs stationed in the ocean to blow over 1,200 cities straight to hell and Bush will not hesitate to do so.

Our only allies appear to be North American, European, and possibly Australian nations. Since China and Russia are supporting Iraq with their weapons they will not help us. The war is split down the middle and we are on the losing end. Of course, I am wrong most of the time, but these events will unfold before our eyes and our children’s eyes. Remember that when the draft comes your way, follow the North star. Follow that little, bright bastard straight to the north pole and do not look back until you see Santa’s sleigh.

If us young Americans do choose to stay, you can bet your ass we will be sent over to Iraq to get control of the country and help take the oil, because this war is not about weapons. It is about greed and corruption. It is about using the innocent for the advancement of those above us. We will not stand for it.

The House of Representatives and the Senate have passed Bush’s resolution allowing Bush to not have to go through the United Nations. I think of the UN to be kind of a world government, but I still think the president should have to get the permission of all the countries to attack Iraq. In Bush’s speech to America he tried to link Iraq with al-Quaeda. It’s time we stop supporting the president when he tries to relate everything that happens with the attacks of September 11, 2001. It was the worst terrorist attack on US soil in history, but it does not give us permission to wage war on any country we choose. Thousands of people died that day and they would not want us to seek revenge by invading Iraq.

We do not need to invade Iraq without hard evidence and we do not have any. My question is this: why do we need to invade Iraq for their weapons of mass destruction, but not Korea or China or Pakistan or any other country? The answer is obvious-those wars would be much more challenging and they do not have the bubbling brew known as oil.

Daschle made a complete turnaround supporting the president, but the American people cannot be bought. I know the truth and I will fight like hell to preserve and expose it. There is massive corruption in the White House and most Americans do not know what it is. I know and I will share it with you in time, though my writings.

Mr. David A. Garrett, Jr. is eighteen-year-old college student studying at a community college in Knoxville, TN, and intend to transfer to UTK to get his Bachelor’s Degree in journalism. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN).