The invitation for talks: The new Indian tactic to curb the freedom struggle

The invitation by Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee to Chief Executive Gen. Pervez Musharraf for talks is the new Indian tactic to curb the freedom struggle inside the Valley. The last tactic, cease-fire extensions, proved a farce.

If it is true that the history repeats itself, then the fate of these talks will be as futile as of the past talks. You can not have your wedding ring (Kashmir) back from a robber (India) by just talks when the policeman (USA) is also on the robber side. The talks with India are absurd, since they start with mantra – “Kashmir is our atoot ang (Integral Part)” and end on the same chorus. It is just like talking to the wall.

India will not listen to something sensible and will continue to murder peace and innocent Kashmiris. The Hindus are famous for “Ram Ram (peace) on the lips and dagger under the arm” character. The Vajpayee is the stereotypical image of such a typical Hindu. He loves to write poetry against war but leaves no chance to accumulate nuclear weapons. It is a shame for India talking peace when they have a non-stop barbarian show of custodial killings, razing houses, raping women and torturing the innocents to prolong their oppressive rule in Indian Occupied Kashmir. How can you extinguish a fire when you are continuously throwing kerosene on fire? India should stop all these atrocities before extending an invitation of peace talks. Otherwise it will be just another round of talks and talks and talks without any fruitful result.

India was first ducking Pakistanis for peace talks by only inviting APHC(All Party Hurriyet Conference). The leadership of AHPC termed this as an attempt to create a wedge between the Kashmiri leadership and Pakistan and declined the invitation. While India has now decided to negotiate with Pakistan, now Pakistan should also insist on participation of APHC. No talks will be meaningful without the participation of APHC leaders.

And the talks should be only on a single point agenda of setting a time-table for India to leave Kashmir. These will be just like negotiations with a car thief on one condition- you had enough free ride, now return the vehicle. If India continued its display of arrogance and stubbornness in these talks then the Kashmir issue will be resolved only when a Pakistani General will arrive in Delhi- not on a bus or a plane but on his armoured vehicle.

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