The Gross Perversion of Bush Logic

According to Bush —  

"The Iraqis at one time possessed weapons of mass destruction (which we sold them) — so Iraq needed a regime change."  

Does it follow then that the regime members in the U.S. who sold the weapons in the first place should be changed?  

According to Bush —  

"The Iraqis killed hundreds of thousands of Iranian Muslims during the Iran-Iraq War (with military aid from the U.S.), and Iran killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Arab Muslims during the same war (also with hidden military from the U.S., so both nations constitute the "Axis of Terror" and are terrorist states."  

Does it follow then that the United States, which favored the war and the killing of all those Arabs and Muslims must be part of the same Axis? Is the U.S. also a terrorist state for contributing to those wars and facilitating them quite deliberately?  

According to Bush —  

"Iraqis deserve freedom and democracy, despite our placing, first a dictator, and then a puppet government in that country."  

Does it follow then that now that America should leave Iraq and allow Iraqis to establish their own democracy under free elections?  

According to Bush and Powell and Rumsfeld and Rice and Cheney —  

"The Iraqis were an imminent threat to the U.S. But subsequent discovery has proved quite conclusively that the threat was not only not real, but deliberately contrived with distortion and even falsification of evidence."

Does it follow then that the Iraqi War of Aggression by the U.S. was, indeed based on lies and was in reality a grab for oil and strategic economic interests in violation of all international law?  

According to Bush —  

"Iraqis deserve their freedom."  

Does it follow then that Iraqis deserve freedom from U.S. colonization, including corporate colonization of Iraqi assets and infrastructure?

According to Bush —  

"American soldiers are heroes."

Does it follow then that American soldiers should be given the financial and medical benefits they deserve and which are being reduced by the Bush Administration? And does it follow then that American soldiers should be able to leave their military service when their commitments, enlistments and retirements are due and the soldiers no longer wish to serve as warriors?  

Does Bush treat anyone well — other than the corporate elites? Is Bush ever publicly honest?