The Final Chapter of The Middle East Conflict

It is very obvious to any intelligent observer that the recent Israeli incursions in the occupied territories are pre-meditated. The Israeli claim of fighting ” terrorism ” is pretty convenient since it gives the American media the ammo they need to justify the horror inflicted upon the entire Palestinian population. The timing of their incursions is perfect. The American public is very receptive to the justifications as long as the excuse is fighting terrorism. This exploitation of American public opinion and emotion can be seen in the attempts to equate between the situation in the middle east and the horrific events of Sept 11.

What’s happening in the Middle East today is only a pretence to a wider scale conflict that will drive the whole area, if not the world, into the abbes. The Israeli plan is far more reaching and ambitious than their claims of fighting “terrorism”. For the last decade, the Israelis have been dragging the peace process. They have used all methods of stalling . Their official statement is that they are committed to peace, yet on the ground, they are just furthering their confrontational goals. Settlement building, economic and logistical hardships and a systematic dismantling of the Palestinian Authority were just a few of the accomplishments that they had in furthering their agenda. In the latest wave of incursions, the Israelis have intentionally destroyed all pillars of Palestinian self government. All civil administrations institutions were targeted and destroyed. The Palestinian Authority’s ability to function is completely in ruins.

The Israelis are also launching attacks on Arab nations. Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon and even Jordan are a target of the harshest media campaign in the Israeli and American media. This and the atrocities inflicted upon the Palestinian population are inflaming the Arab streets. The people of America have also been subject to a major conditioning campaign. The friendship of even moderate Arab nations is being questioned regularly in the media. The attacks on Arab countries in the media are unprecedented. All this is, along with President Bush’s statements about allies that would become foes and foes that will become allies, and a long lasting war on terrorism and etc. is setting the stage for what is to come.

A regional conflict in the Middle East is the only logical conclusion. Not because the Arab countries would want to fight for the benefit of the Palestinians, for the Arab leadership could care less. The Arab regimes are only interested in preserving their rule over their angry people. Even that is not a good enough reason for them to go to war. They will go to war because Israel needs them to. For Israel to advance its Zionist expansion agenda, there has to be a war. After all, that is how Israel gained the Land in the first place. The Arab nations will go to war in order to lose it, like they did before. Everyone in the middle east knows that the Arab Israeli wars were staged and fixed by the Arab leadership, and so will the next one be. The only concern for the Israelis and Arab regimes evolved in this plan is how to conduct this war with minimum damage to the remaining Arab regimes and without internationalizing this war into WW3.

Before we go any further let us go over the objectives of this intricate plot. The Israelis are committed to the expansion dreams of the Zionist founders of Israel. For them to expand any further they would first have to annex the West Bank. That is under way right now. They would then like to get rid of the Syrian regime and plant a more friendly government in that country. In order to do so, they will have to go to war with Syria. That will coincide with the transfer of the bulk of the Palestinian populations in The West bank to Jordan and possibly Lebanon. The arrival of this flux of Palestinian refugees in Jordan will destabilize the regime and cause it to be overthrown. With the Jordanian regime absent, Israel will occupy Jordan in order to fill the vacuum that will be created. The timing of that will coincide with the imminent American invasion of Iraq, the only real Arab threat to Israel. Iraq will then be divided into three smaller countries, one for the Kurds in the north, one for the Iraqis in the South and one for the Palestinians in the west. After the Israeli occupation of Jordan, the final solution for the Palestinian population will be to drive them into Iraq and form a new state for them called Palestine.

The questions that we raised before remain unanswered, how will that happen without causing other, friendly regimes to be overthrown. They will have to convince their people that they fought diligently but lost. This is not new, it has been done before in 1948 and in 1967. The Saudi government must be preserved in order to protect American interests and Israeli borders. That is why Saudi Arabia is being villainized by the media. The Saudis are going to be fought, temporarily, and then a cease fire agreement will bring everyone back to the arms of the USA. How will this not drag into WW3, that I am not sure. It may have to be world war. Iran’s arm is being twisted in order to remain out of the equation for the time being. If they decide to engage, then they will have to be attacked. The use of nuclear weapons is an option that will be used to deter the Iranians, but will be considered if the are not deterred. That will cause major problems and will lead to WW3. The Americans and the Israelis are prepared for that. The list of nations to be targeted with nukes, recently revealed by the Pentagon, is just a hint to those nations to stay out. If they do not stay out the USA and Israel are prepared for them to be engaged.

The American public is being gradually conditioned to prepare for such scenarios. The President on every occasion stresses the fact that America will be at war for a long time. The American media is preparing the public for the alliances of the future. The document, intentionally leaked by the Pentagon, naming the Nuclear targets of the USA illustrates that process of conditioning. In a way, the atrocities of Sept 11 also contribute to this. The people of America no longer believe that this is not their problem. The hatred being planted in America today against Arabs and Moslems will serve the needs of the administration in the future when the American people are asked to go to war against the “Arabs”.

What remains to be seen is how accurately this plot will be executed and how wide of a conflict this will develop into. Were will Europe stand? Can anyone stop this from happening and what will it take? The better question is when will the American people wake up from their deep sleep? How well will the media manipulation of American minds work? Only time will tell and only the American people can stop it before its too late.