The Divine Wind

A Homage to Simone Weil



Walls of cold rain and hale encompassed my Jaffa; streets turned into ferocious streams; snow touched palm trees and whitened the sidewalks of subtropical Tel Aviv, in violent counterpoint to the violet skies hanging low, just handbreadth above the belfries and minarets as hurricane rushed masses of sand and rain clouds over the deep cleft of the Dead Sea into Palestine. Sandstorm of unheard of magnitude broke all over the Middle East, stopping American tanks in the desert, blinding pilots of their planes, covering the crosshairs of their weapons, threatening to capsize the monstrous battleships in the Gulf. Hundred armoured troop carriers were savaged by the sandstorm. Such Divine Wind saved Japan from Mongol landing of Kublai Khan; such storm preserved Elizabethan England from Spanish occupation.

Like the Spaniards of the Armada on their way to English shores, the Mammonite force was not prepared to meet this divine intervention. The invaders planned to enter the soft underbelly of Asia easily and smoothly as dagger of Jack the Ripper tore defenceless women. No opposition was envisaged. John Wayne or Burt Lancaster would hand over his spare gun to the weaponless foe before the fatal shootout; but the Mammonites are not the noble American heroes of the old Westerns. They were not satisfied with their technical superiority, with ten to one numerical advantage of the captive American population over Iraqi people; they demanded to disarm their enemy. The cowards landed only after the obedient UN obligingly disarmed the Iraqis and smashed their last rusty missiles.

They did not expect this supernatural intervention of elements as the Mammonite power is based, in Dostoyevsky’s words, on secret knowledge that there is no God. But the material world is not dead matter. Everything in this world is alive and interconnected; our history, our present and future, our visions and our social structure, sandstorms and hurricanes, earthquakes and revolutions are part and parcel of the tightly connected trinity of Earth, Man and God. The will of the people, of billions of men and women opposing the Anglo-American aggression, was expressed in mammoth demos around the globe, and in the solemn halls of the United Nations, but it was scorned by the Mammonites. This will of the people was translated into sandstorms to remind us that our wishes are as powerful as those of Olympian gods, and integrated will of people is indeed Vox Dei. By disregarding will of God and Man, the War Party sowed the seeds of their destruction for they are intoxicated by their Might.


“The strong are never absolutely strong, nor are the weak absolutely weak. Those who have Might on loan from fate count on it too much and are destroyed. Might is as pitiless to the man who possesses it (or thinks he does) as it is to its victims. The second it crushes, the first it intoxicates”, wrote Simone Weil, the French philosopher and divine who witnessed the great intoxication of Might called World War Two. She referred to the Trojan War, when she extracted this sublime lesson from the Iliad: “The human race is not divided up, in the Iliad, into conquered and conquerors. There is no refuge from fate; learn not to admire Might, not to hate the enemy, not to scorn the vanquished”.

This modern saint who was born into a Jewish family, joined Communists, fought in Spain, worked with the workers of Renault and followed St Teresa into the Church, Simone Weil recaptured the Trojan War as the tragedy for both the Greeks and the Trojans for they did not stop when they could. At certain point, the Greeks could have had 90% of their demands, but they preferred to risk all and to win all. At different point, the Trojans could have had 90% of their wishes met, but they also choose to risk all. The two parties suffered, both lost their best men, and victorious Achaeans were defeated some fifty years later by the invading Dorian wave.

In a similar way, the Nazis went too far in 1939. The world accommodated some of their demands, for Prague was under German rule for hundreds of years, and the French control over the Ruhr Valley was not based on law and tradition. German demand for free unhindered access to Danzig and Königsberg was not an unreasonable one. Hitler could stop at it and get away with it. ‘Appeasement’ was sound politics and reasonable course in 1938. But in 1939-1940 the German Reich proved its insatiability. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Denmark — many states were overrun until the world has decided to stop the Nazi expansion. The dreadful war ruined Europe and Russia, and prepared ground to the Mammonite accession.

The Zionists went too far. They could have a decent share in the sweet land of Palestine, willing Palestinian workers and friends, endless supply of cheap oil and resources from the hinterland to Haifa refineries, very good life for themselves and their children. But they wanted to have all, and to leave nothing to the vanquished. That is why their days are numbered.

The Mammonites repeat the errors of Hitler and Sharon. First, Afghanistan. Nobody could understand why the Mammonites decided to attack this remote kingdom, but they got away with it, with mass slaughter of prisoners, with destruction of Afghani livelihood, with unleashing opium production previously eliminated by Taliban. Now, Iraq. The battle is still undecided, and already Michael A. Ledeen of AEI (the American Enterprise Institute), a Zionist and Mammonite (if these twin ideologies can be separated) reminds us, “Iraq is a battle, not a war. After Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus, Riyadh”[1]. And afterwards, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing. Today they wish to remove Saddam Hussein; tomorrow they will demand the head of Chirac, Schroeder and Putin.

They are already demanding full boycott of France[2] and the follow-up action is on the way. Here is one of the Mammonite ads: “Boycott France because American lives and security are at stake. France has every right to disagree with America. But France has moved from simple dissent to active hostility toward America. French President Chirac warned East European nations that if they side with America, France will oppose their membership in the European Union. This week, William Safire reported in the New York Times that France has been secretly helping to arm Iraq – and has been helping Iraq build long range missiles. These same missiles may soon be used against American soldiers”. Safire is a leading Zionist Commissar, and his ‘report’ is a Zionist fatwa against France and its President. In the report[3] of the warmongers’ get-together, this plan is unveiled: “Kristol urged that we split Germany off from France but noted that such “intelligent diplomacy may be too much to hope for from the State Department.” When Perle declared that “Americans are not vindictive,” Ledeen interrupted to say that, in the case of France, he certainly hoped we would be”.

That is why there is an urgent need to borrow a leaf from the American book. In 1823, the U.S President James Monroe upheld the Monroe Doctrine in his annual message to Congress. Declaring that the Old World and New World had different systems and must remain distinct spheres, Monroe made four basic points: (1) The United States would not interfere in the internal affairs of or the wars between European powers; (2) the United States recognized and would not interfere with existing colonies and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere; (3) the Western Hemisphere was closed to future colonization; and (4) any attempt by a European power to oppress or control any nation in the Western Hemisphere would be viewed as a hostile act against the United States.

Now it is the right time to proclaim the fully symmetric Eurasian Doctrine. Let the US stay away from the Old World of Eurasia, and stop its attempts to oppress or control any nation in Eurasia. Britain should decide whether it intends to act as a Trojan Horse, in apt words of de Gaulle, or sincerely join Europe. Iraq, or any other country in Eurasia, is not open for American colonisation. The free nations of Eurasia, led by France, Germany, Russia and China should condemn the Mammonite aggression in the UN and call for sanctions against aggressor. The US dollar should cease to be the reserve currency, and the US debt of $ 6.4 T (trillion) should be called in. The US-owned media, the tool of indoctrination, should be treated as racist propaganda for it sanctified killing of Arabs. The US forces should leave Eurasia and peace restored in the interests of all sides.


The unjust sanctions against the noble people of Iraq should be lifted immediately. These sanctions caused death of millions of innocents, including a million of Iraqi children. They prepared ground for the Mammonite aggression. The terrible campaign of demonisation carried out by Mammonite media against Saddam Hussein, Iraqis and Arabs in general should be denounced as racist bigotry.

Saddam Hussein is not a Santa Claus or St Francis. He is not a gentle king-philosopher, but President Allende of Chile was the most liberal and progressive ruler, and still he was overthrown and assassinated by the CIA-sponsored General Pinochet, this great friend of Zionist Mammonites Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger and Conrad Black. Liberal and progressive Prime Minister of Iran Mohamed Mossadegh was overthrown as well and replaced by the authoritarian rule of the Shah. Saddam Hussein was brought into being by the very spirit of the Arab world as its defender, for a civilisation (in Toynbeean sense) meeting a lethal challenge produces stern and warlike leaders able to meet the challenge.

When Russia was to be attacked by the most cruel and dangerous enemy of its history, Russia’s spirit brought forth a Georgian defrocked priest and made him the ruler of the Soviet Union. A kinder, softer man would not be able to sacrifice millions of Russians (including his own son) and defeat the Third Reich.

The Arab world was mismanaged for centuries by outside powers; by Ottoman Turks, by the colonialists, and now by the Mammonite neo-colonial web. Saddam Hussein is the first strong independent ruler of Arabs since Saladin; it is not a blind coincidence he was born in Tikrit, the city that gave birth to the noble vanquisher of Crusaders. He could unite the Arab world and restore the Caliphate — like de Gaulle and Adenauer restored the Carolingian Empire. It has to be done as the present parcellation of the Arab lands created a string of rich sheiks, protected oil wells and impoverished masses. Saddam is able to confront Mammonites and Zionists, and that is why he is much loved by the people of the Middle East.

Saddam is vilified by the Mammonite media, but it only proves he is the right man in the right place. For whomever they glorify is surely their collaborator. They loved Mikhail Gorbachev, who demolished the USSR; they love Tony Blair who turned England into an American colony. John Pilger described it well in his introduction to the new edition of the great classic of Phillip Knightley, The First Casualty:[4] “The media could praise the “miraculously few casualties” in the Gulf War (meaning the few British and American casualties), while the horror of up to a quarter of a million Iraqis slaughtered by the US-led forces was consigned to oblivion”. Yesterday, cruel ex-defence minister of Israel, Fuad Ben Eliezer, the murderer of hundreds of Palestinian civilians, called Saddam Hussein on Israeli TV, ‘a fearsome man’. For me, and for other people of the Middle East, whoever frightens Ben Eliezer can’t be all that bad.

Saddam passed with honours the severe test of war: his people remain loyal to him and fight the Mammonite aggressor. We should support him in this hour of doom, like Winston Churchill supported Joseph Stalin. Do not worry: when the Arab world will regain its independence within the framework of friendly Eurasia, it will produce kind and gentle rulers, lovers of arts and letters.


American and English soldiers were sent to commit the worst of war crimes, that of aggression against a sovereign state. But they weren’t sent in the interests of Americans and Englishmen. They were sent to extend the Mammonite rule all over the Middle East. We do not identify the Mammonites with the people of America. The Mammonites come and go, while the people remain forever. Nor should the Europeans repeat the American folly and try to ‘liberate’ America. Let Americans free themselves from the Mammonite yoke. It is in their interests, for the Mammonites are not a forgiving lot. They will not forgive anybody who stood on their way. They will try to crush the internal American opposition. They stored all the photos on participants in the anti-war demos, and they will use them, sooner or later.

The Mammonites are blinded by their sheer power, by their coup of harnessing America to their master plans. Their lack of compassion was manifested in Guantanamo, where they cage their unfortunate prisoners. Their Chutzpah was manifested when they demanded to disarm Iraq and attacked it afterwards, turning all of us into their unwilling henchmen. Their lack of sincerity is proven by massive campaign of lies and disinformation. Their godless nature is seen in their refusal to obey the pastoral instructions of the churches. Only some Zionist TV preachers support their war.

The Mammonites utilise the Zionist network and mislead the Jews into obedience. The US Senate started the war by presenting the Jewish state with ten billion dollars, and in return, “God Bless America”, headlined its today edition a major Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot, and its web edition declared that ‘the hearts and prayers of Israelis go out to the US armed forces’.

“Much of the ideological justification and political pressure for war against Iraq has come from right-wing American Zionists, many of them Jews, closely allied to Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and occupying influential positions both inside and outside the Bush administration. It is a Bush-Sharon war against Iraq”, wrote Patrick Seale, the British observer and expert on the Middle East. Seale is right — up to a point. The ‘left-wing’ American Zionists, many of them Jews, are as guilty of Mammonitis as their right-wing brethren.

Bob Norman reports from South Florida:[5] “Robert Wexler has made himself one of the nation’s loudest critics of President Bush. The liberal congressman attacked Bush on the environment, prescription drugs, corporate scandals, tax cuts for the rich, and the president’s 2000 election tactics. But Wexler told on TV that war on Iraq is a swell idea. Wexler and several other Jewish Democrats in Congress, led by Connecticut’s Senator Joe Lieberman and a gaggle of representatives from California and New York, are spoiling for that fight. And because these same politicians can usually be counted on to anchor the Democrats’ opposition to Bush, they have helped to destroy any hope of the party’s reining in Dick Cheney’s dogs of war”.

The US and UK Zionists do not endanger their power base by supporting the war. While their positions in the media are well known, “there are some 15 Jewish soldiers (0.03% of the British invasion force in Iraq) among the 45,000 British fighters currently in action in the U.S.-led campaign,[6] reports Haaretz. This disparity explains a lot, including the ‘chicken-hawks’ label. Their mad ideas include restoration of Greater Israel from Nile to Euphrates and ‘historic revenge’ to Babylon for the destruction of the Temple of Solomon in BC 586, as it was called for by David Ben Gurion, the founder of Israel. Needless to say, these insane plans are not in the true interest of Americans or sane majority of Jews.

While rejecting the Mammonite-Zionist covenant, we do not identify the enemy with a religious or ethnic group. Indeed, many Americans of Jewish origin stand against the war and against the Mammonites. I do not want to mention again their precious names for there is no need to distinguish between them and other good Americans. The enemy is the Mammonite ideology, a weird crossbreed of the Roman and Hebrew attitudes, in terminology of Simone Weil. She wrote:

“The Romans and Hebrews were much admired and quoted every time one wanted to justify a crime. For Romans, conquered people were objects of contempt, and they had no epics, no tragedies. For Hebrews, cruelty to the vanquished is permissible, indeed indispensable.” Simone Weil perceived the Gospels as the last and brilliant manifestation of the Hellene spirit of the Iliad, the spirit of compassion that sees humanity of both sides in the war. That is the spirit the Americans could invoke.

The compassionate and fiercely independent America of Henry Thoreau and Gore Vidal could and should win its long battle against the Mammonite spirit. Provided both main parties of the US are infiltrated to equal extent, the way out lays in giving more — much more — power to the states, while reducing the Federal government’s functions to the US Mail. The best American intellectuals’ magazine, the Harpers’ Monthly, recently drew an idyllic picture of the world, where instead of the monstrous US, some seven or eight states (California, New England, Texas, the Confederacy etc) occupy the landmass of the North America between Mexico and Canada. Such smaller (size of France!) and more manageable states would be able to form meaningful relations between their people and their landscape, create real and not imaginary communities, produce art and relate to Man and God.

Americans will be able to live much better, happier and inspired life. For instance, $ 75B (seventy five billion) America spends on the Iraq war could provide fifty million Americans with free health care, or six million young men with university education. Americans will be able to celebrate the Nativity of Christ, not only ‘seasons’ at Christmas, and His Resurrection at Easter, without fear.

Even the Mammonite spirit of commerce will shake off its destructiveness when confined to the Big Apple. Who knows, maybe independent New York will re-create the glory of Venice, this great trading republic, when disengaged from the huge continent.

Israel, the exclusivist Jewish state, has no place in the free Middle East; but its inhabitants, adoptive Palestinians of Jewish faith or origin, will be welcomed and desired citizens of the Palestinian Commonwealth, on a par with Native Palestinians. Their abilities will help them to lead their common country to prosperity and equality. Thus, the noble Zionist goal of bringing Jews back to the home of their ancestors will be accomplished, and the descendents of Jews elsewhere would be able to forget separatism and blend peacefully into the nations they live among.


[1] New York Sun , March 19, 2003:






Mr. Israel Shamir is a Russian Israeli writer and journalist. He wrote for Haaretz, BBC, Pravda and translated Agnon, Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Tel Aviv and writes a weekly column in the Vesti, the biggest Russian-language paper in Israel.