The "death cult" or Super Fascism


What made the young Muslims, raised in this society, do this? This is the question which the complicit Western media is thrusting on public mind after the recent London bombing.

Bush, Blair and their fellow war lords have a pre-conceived answer for this question: Muslims are “in the grip of a dangerous cult” of the “poisonous misinterpretation of Islam.”

Alright! Like the 9/11, let us put aside all relevant information and necessary questions and play the war lords’ game. Let us pick on Islam, Muslims and their suicidal tendency before it is confirmed that Muslim suicide bombers were responsible. Let us jump to the conclusion and discuss, why did Muslims do this, even if they didn’t.

Western public is told that Muslims do this in the name of religion. When we ask: Is it the Qur’an or Hadith that tells them to do so? We are told: “No, Islam is a great religion. They act like this because of a cult of misinterpretation.”

Alright! Lets us move forward and ask: So what exactly are Muslims misinterpreting? Is it that blowing themselves irrationally, and killing women and children and all innocent people for no reason at all is dear to Allah and He will reward Muslim with 70 virgin in heaven after their successfully blowing themselves from limb to limb?

None of the war lords can show the public any such a misinterpreted message of Islam anywhere in the alleged “Jihadi” literature, let alone in the Qur’an and Hadith. It means, the source of inspiration and motivation for violence against US, UK and Israel must be lying somewhere else.

An impartial analysis reveals that it is not some kind of inspiration due to misinterpretation of Islam, but depression and desperation as a result of the lies and double standards of those who have exploited freedom and democracy to the extent of turning it into something worse than a death cult. Cult leaders die with the rest of cult members. They don’t kill those who are not part of the cult. But the super-fascists of the our age live peacefully while putting the future of humanity at stake.

Unlike the cult phenomenon, the super-fascists prefer to live and rule the world. For realizing their totalitarian designs, they don’t mind lying, cheating and killing their own people at home as well as through sending them abroad for invasions and occupation. Killing hundreds of thousands of aliens, who do not share their religious faith, culture totalitarian ideologies, is not even as much as a pinprick for their dead conscience.

Since Islam doesn’t approve killing of innocent civilians and no sane person can ever leave all his own loved ones behind and go on a mission to kill innocent loved ones of others, it must be something far serious than the myth that these individuals are suffering from “a poverty of dignity and wealth or rage.”

The perpetrators could be Muslims. But they are definitely not inspired by religion or its misinterpretation. They are the product of a reaction to the super-fascism of their age. The unique kind of self-identity of this fascism is that it is the most civilized, advance and superior civilization. Accordingly the super fascists consider starving 1.8 million innocent people to death, half of them children, as a price worth realizing their totalitarian designs of transforming the Muslim world in their image.

The leaders of this most insidious form of fascism have repeatedly lied to the whole world and then went on to kill 128,000 people and committed the worst ever crimes against humanity without felling the slightest of shame or remorse that normal human beings feel even for making minor mistakes.

The super fascism sees only part of the reality. For example, it is easy for the leading fascists to publish an opinion piece in the New York Times to blames 1.2 billion Muslims for being raised with a supremacist concept of God,[1] after the death of 50 people in London. However, these war lords do not have any explanation for the curse of misinterpreted freedom and democracy of Bush and Blair, who have set new records of crimes against humanity.

The problem of the super fascists is that they are proud of their military might, economic power and technological advancement, yet they feel enraged when others point to their feet of clay. Socially dead and morally bankrupt, they are not accepted as moral leaders of the world.

Technology, economy and military industrial complex are not alternatives peaceful and contended human societies. Furthermore, they see an impending collapse of their capitalist order and feel scared of the rise of Islam because the long lasting infrastructure, technology and superior weaponry are neither signs of a superior civilization, nor have these factors ever kept a people on top without a superior ideology and benevolent deeds.

No matter how inferior Muslims must feel today, the decadence in the Muslim world is not because of Islam. It is because of the Muslims’ running away from living by the basic principles of Islam and the super fascists turning democracy into super-fascism. The super fascists know that living by Islam means, for example, saying no to interest-based dealings. Imagine if Muslims say a big “no” today and withdraw from the global financial system. The capitalist bubble may not last until tomorrow. This is just one aspect of how living by Islam can pull the rug from underneath the feet of super-fascism.

If no one lives by Islam, it can never be established into an alternative to super-fascism. That’s why the super-fascists’ main objective is to degrade Islam. For example, since 7/7, New York Times has run a few pieces that one could never expect from it before. Earlier General Boykin said Muslim worship “an idol.” Now Friedman tells the world, “Muslims are raised with the view that Islam is God 3.0, Christianity is God 2.0, Judaism is God 1.0, and Hinduism is God 0.0 “[2]: the same Boykin kind of war lord mentality, just expressed in different words.

The loss of dignity among Muslims is not enough to enrage Muslims to the extent of blowing innocent people around. The fear of losing the global superiority and determination to further consolidate the Fascist Word Order (FWO) is good enough to turn many into joining super-fascism: killing their own people at home to justify war abroad.

We can understand their oppressive measures at home to avoid any voices of dissent. We can understand protection of the Saudi and other gulf autocrats for ensuring cheap supply of oil. We can understand but not approve the continued support to the oppressive regime of Israel for its acting like a cop in the Middle East. But when leaders of the US and UK, who never get tired boasting their civilization and values, just indiscriminately kill more than 150,000 people and occupy two countries on the basis of pure lies, to every sane mind they have to be in the grip of a dangerous super-fascism – dangerous to their countries and to the world.

How does that happen? MSNBC’s reporter Alex Johnson writes how Bush undergo conversion to evangelicalism, which is called the “‘born-again’ experience described in John 3:3, when a sinner undergoes an intense conversion during a personal interaction with the Holy Spirit, often Jesus Himself.”[3]

Bush “has often said he was pointed on the path to God after a discussion with evangelist Billy Graham in 1985.’ In Bush’s words: "Over the course of that weekend, Reverend Graham planted a mustard seed in my soul, a seed that grew over the next year. He led me to the path, and I began walking. It was the beginning of a change in my life. I had always been a ‘religious’ person, had regularly attended church, even taught Sunday School and served as an altar boy. But that weekend my faith took on a new meaning. It was the beginning of a new walk where I would commit my heart to Jesus Christ.”

The secret of this story is in that conversion to extremist Christianity – and so is part of the crisis in the US. The Zionists and Neo-cons complete other parts of super-fascism along with the ideas that brought about these conversions. If not stopped by other Americans, the super fascism will end up converting every person to the amalgamation of racial and civilizational supremacism, religious extremism, and hegemonic totalitarianism. It would convert the world’s great country into a real cult of death.


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