The Coming Exodus and the End of Nation States

The hardest thing in analyzing current affairs is making any kind of prediction. However, even harder is keeping silent and ignoring instincts as well as all that one sees with both eyes and the available senses.

The unfolding events and evolving environment in the US and its allied states forces one to see three major historic events in the making: the holocaust of Muslims, the subsequent mass exodus of the survivors towards Muslim majority areas and the end of the nation state system as we know it.

Until recently, Khilafah, an alternative form of governance to democracy and modern state system was considered not more than merely a dream of a few crazy Muslims.

In a short span of less than four years, however, both Muslim and non-Muslim majority worlds have turned upside down to make Muslims realize that turning the “crazy” Muslims’ dream into reality is now just a matter of time.

On the other hand, the world of the US and its allies has turned upside down only to unknowingly pave the way for realization of the same dream.

The process has already cost the US and its allies a lot in material and non-material terms. Results of their recent policies, which are making lives of Muslims miserable, would ultimately pale by comparison to what Hitler has done to Jews.[1]

In the environment that goes from bad to worse for Muslims, it seems as if it were not the alleged 19 (some of whom are still alive) but 1.4 billion Muslim hijackers who attacked the US on September 11. 2001.

Muslims are under the microscope as well as on the top of every agenda. The focus of immigration, education, employment, refugees, customs, security and almost all conceivable forms of policies in the US and its allied states is on Muslims alone.

Whether permanent residents, citizen, students, refugees or visitors, all Muslims are treated alike: unwelcome visitants and guilty until proven innocent.

The increasingly getting fascist mindset of the war lords in media, religion, politics, administration and academia is gradually trickling down to the street level, where churches are displaying signs, reading: “Koran needs to be flushed” and “you must remember Islam is the enemy.”[2]

There are absolutely no signs of improvement. Muslims are holding their breath and hoping for a break in the cycle of hatred that is being generated at all levels against them, their religion and their way of life.

Even government officials in the allied states proudly claim that they and the US are one. Muslim holocaust will become a reality when the negative trends touch their climax. Already, killing the Muslims who want to live by Islam has become a noble act of the present age.

Non-Muslims too have started feeling the heat: particularly those with an experience of the earlier holocaust. The first willing drop of the rain of exodus happen to be a Jew -” a holocaust survivor, who smelled the coming holocaust in the US and decided to leave before it gets worse.[3]

As the situation worsens for Muslims in the US and its allied states, nation states boundaries would become meaningless. Holocaust and exodus of Muslims would be taking place simultaneously with disappearance of state boundaries for all except Muslims. Even today, the borders and border related policies have been reduced to filtering and profiling Muslims and Muslims alone.

Similarly, against the tyranny unleashed in Iraq and Afghanistan, borders have become meaningless for the resisting forces as well.

The dissolving borders phenomenon will go hand in hand with the dissolution of nation state system as we know it and the concept of much vaunted democracy.

To find the forces responsible for the end of democracy, one needs to have a look at the most powerful pro-war and anti-Islam lobby in the US. This lobby used to complain that terrorism is “simply a technique” and it is inappropriate to call their war a “war on terrorism.” Their determination has paid off.

After crossing the initial milestones, the war lords in the US now feel no hesitation in defining their objective as it is: elimination of Islam. The allied tyrannical regimes are also taking full advantage of the war lords’ fanatical pursuit to eliminate Islam, not knowing that in the process they are digging a hole for themselves and making the dream of Muslims self-rule closer to reality.

The unremitting assiduity with which this lobby works is one of the major factors that revived the status, the need and the power of a single, alternative Islamic entity in the Muslim mind -” a mind that had even stopped dreaming about such a possibility.[4]

All energies of the war lords are now focused on not allowing Muslims to live by Islam. Holding Muslims from establishing Khilafah is now the best justification for invading sovereign states, supporting dictators, running concentration camps and butchering hundreds and thousands of civilians without any fear of accountability.

Read opinion pieces in the New York Times and other US “mainstream” newspapers and you will see that all this is being done under the cover of a war on “jihadists” who want to establish Khilafah.

To justify his recent slaughter, dictator Karimov instantly alleged the dead with the same, most heinous crime of the 21st century. He said: "Their aim [wa]s to unite the Muslims and establish a caliphate.”[5] No one dares ask: what is wrong with that?

With this justification, Karimov tried to be on the same wavelength with the US General Abizaid, who earlier declared Muslims working for self-determination as “the most despicable enemy… who use 21st century-technology to spread their vision of a 7th-century paradise [and] try to re-create what they imagine was the pure and perfect Islamic government of the era of the prophet Muhammad.”[6]

Many of us who still claim that this is not a war on Islam, must note that initially attempts were made to blame some Muslims for committing the crime of “political Islam.” They were stigmatized as “Islamists” and “jihadists.”

Lately, all Muslims are told in their face that the war lords’ problem is the Qur’an and the Muslims’ considering Prophet Mohammed PBUH as a role model. For example, read Lawrence Auster in Front Page Magazine, January 28, 2005 and Sam Harris in Washington Times, December 2, 2004 for who these are the real W.M.D.

These revealing statements of objective are mobilizing Muslims and non-Muslims alike to struggle for justice and truth. Those who have realized the extent of the US war on Muslims’ way of life know that living by Islam is neither “reappropriation of the past,” nor the “invention of tradition,” not even the “instrumentalization of Islam.” The life and times of Mohammed PBUH is not a “mythical golden age” either.

Mohammed PBUH actually presented a perfect model of living by Islam. Anyone who claims to be a Muslim has to follow that model whereas the war lords now want Muslims to declare this basic requirement of their faith redundant.

If one has to fight and die shoulder to shoulder with the American GIs to prove that he is with George Bush, how can mere claims of Islam make someone a Muslim if he doesn’t live by the Qur’an and the Sunnah?

As a result of the war on Islam’s way of life, the so-called modern state system – including pure or democratic dictatorship or kingdoms or sheikhdoms – feels threatened of Islam for the obvious reason that Islam has no place for imposed dictatorships, secular bulwarkism, or the exploitative capitalist system.

Common Muslim in the street is not scared of Islam; not even about the much hyped “specter” of Shari’ah, because its most dreaded laws do not apply until a just socio-political and economic order is in place. Shari’ah laws are just a fraction of the encompassing way of life of Islam. These, in fact, subserve the system of social justice of Islam.

It is easy for Islamophobes to blame everything on madrassas, “Wahabist ideas” and “Saudi petrodollars for mosques.” However, it is difficult for them to see that the strong resistance to their ideological onslaught is put by those who are educated from the Western institutions and have seen the horrible face of democracy, secularism and capitalism.

It is not the restoration of dignity that strikes a sympathetic chord among the large majority of Muslims who cannot be characterized as “jihadists.” It is, in fact, the failure of the man made systems and the exposed hypocrisy of democracy and human rights, and the hallow claims of liberation. All this is pushing the Muslim world to become a single bloc and live by the long neglected standards for justice and peace.

It resonates with Muslims of all social and economic strata because of the injustices that they continue to suffer at the hands of never ending colonialism and the never-to-satiate capitalist institutions -” not to speak of the surrogates imposed on them.

It is not just the sense of powerlessness or a disillusionment with American foreign policy in the context of Muslim humiliations that makes resistance to external domination come alive in the Muslim imagination. It is the gradual realization that the blind following of alien ideologies, based on petty human rationality, are the source of injustice and oppression across the world.

While the threat from political Islam to the West has been accentuated and its antagonistic image reinforced by the Islamophobes open calls for a war on Islam after 9/11, Western perceptions of this threat predate the events of 2001. Influential Western analysts, such as Bernard Lewis and Samuel Huntington, were writing about the “roots of Muslim rage” and the “clash of civilizations” long before the staged 9/11 attacks.[7] After the Soviet Union’s demise, the New York Times blared a full-page headline on January 21, 1996: “The Red Menace is Gone, but Here’s Islam.”

So, it is the Islamo-phobic fascists’ propagated morbid dread of Islam that is making Khilafah inevitable. American and the allied governments are reacting to Islam, just the way Soviet Union used to react to democracy. Internal repression of dissent and the inhuman treatment of Muslims have crossed the limits of communists’ treatment of dissenting voices. At least the Soviets didn’t establish concentration camps for capitalists on most continents in the world out of fear of an alternative ideology.

The emergence of Khilafah has become inevitable. The US and its allies would only hasten it with further actions like the one they took to eliminate the Taliban. The years long propaganda before invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was out of the fear of the emergence of a true Islamic State.

The more the lies of the corporate terrorists are exposed and the more the world see the real face of democratic-fascists, the more Muslims would win their argument in the war of ideas, which is fast becoming America’s waterloo.[8]

The time for the monopoly of the nation state system and moribund democracy is fast approaching. The future generations would find it quite interesting to read about the euphoric but ephemeral tall claims of “the end of history” followed by the end of democracy within less than three decades of the end of communism.


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