The Closed-ring of Evil

There is a people who dared to rise up against an entity whose very essence is war, brutality, racism, oppression, and torture. A people who possesses nobility of spirit and who chooses to stand in the way of barbarity and injustice. The entity consciously cold-shoulders the universal nature of Human Rights that holds all human beings entitled to basic needs and who should all be treated with equal human dignity.

The 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide declares genocide to be a crime under international law. One call made in the UN Charter recognises “the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.” Savagery against a race negates the inherent dignity of its people and its use undermines humanity’s claim to be civilised. History is sate with cases of conflict and oppression in which human life had been treated with the utmost contempt and callousness, with a consequent loss of respect for human worth and of a breakup of value systems that are proven to give stability to societies at large.

What myriads of lives have been sacrificed at the shrines of immorality. What untold wretchedness has been inflicted on an Arab race only to fulfill depraved aspirations of unpitying occupation. What is resistance? Is it not the answer to evil that has reached such a height that it can no longer be borne?

Israel regards itself above international law. Its unlawful existence is too untouchable to abide by deplorable Human Rights natural laws that preserve and defend human dignity.

Israel occupies and annexes, steals and lies, outrages earthy and unworldly rudimentary ethics and human values, arrogates possession of the past, present and future, counterfeits maps and internationally-recognised facts, abuses human dignity and masters the game of evil. If all the woe and sorrow that take after human evil can be abstracted, what a happy world, after all, this world would be! The living would naturally harvest the fruits of such a happy world.

Yet there seems to be evil autonomous of grounds or reason; a kind of natural evil that denies even death its right and meaning.

“Human” beings stand up in respect and enounce prayers whenever a dead body’s funeral procession passes by a street. Passers-by sometimes choose to walk along with the procession only to share the grief and extend their earnest commiserations.

No bonfire of witchery; only darkness of loathsomeness and evil of sinners.

(To Shaker Hassouni, the 23-year-old Palestinian shot in the mouth and chest in the West Bank city of Hebron during clashes after Friday, January 13, 2001, prayers. Israeli soldiers savagely dragged the Palestinian on the ground for 150 meters after he was shot. Some 50 Jewish settlers emerged from a Jewish-owned property in the town as troops were dragging the body away and celebrated Hassouni’s murder by giving soldiers sweets and chanting and dancing in circles.)

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