The CIA-men & the coming doom

As the US law still considers those Americans liable for death penalty who work as “agents” with America’s perceived enemies, [1] honor and pride has long replaced the stigma and punishment in the Muslim world for those who work as "agents" in the interest of outsiders.

One CIA-man was killed by the Taliban. His colleague and instant replacement is now proudly ruling Afghanistan – rather parts of Kabul to be precise.

Another CIA-man fell from Washington’s grace in Baghdad only to be replaced by another as if the top-most seats in the Muslim world are now solely reserved for the CIA-men –” the patriotic traitors.

Relying on the CIA-men to win the US-led war on a way of life is one of the main blunders the US is committing on the basis of self-delusions and wrong assumptions.

Supporting dictators, such as Pinochet, Noriega, Shah of Iran, or Saddam Huassein, was totally different than supporting Chalabi, Allawi, Karzai and Musharraf.

The purpose and scope then was totally different than what the US creates, and forces others to deal with, now: a monster out of a people and their prescribed way of life.

The aim today, in the lexicon of war lords, is “winning hearts and minds” in the Muslim world. In plain words, it is winning the “Clash with Islam.”

Call it what you may, the end result is the same: the US “intellectuals”-inspired war on Islam –” fully backed by religious fundamentalists like Bush and Rice, and fought by militant radicals, such as Lt. General Boykin.

Muslims societies are infested with the CIA-men at all levels from Imams and janitors in mosques to journalists, students, teachers, military men and leading politicians. Their reward corresponds their status.

For keeping their jobs, the basic approach of CIA-men remains to please their masters with lies, exaggeration of the perceived threats, regurgitation of the US war lords’ point of view and misinterpretation of the Qur’an.

The US government’s basic approach also remains to deceive the world with what it gets from the CIA-men: baseless information for supporting its lies; misinterpretation of text for validating its twisted definitions; and exaggerated threats for justifying aggression.

It is no wonder if Musharraf and Karzai come out almost daily with new blames for “extremists” and renewed vows for fighting “terrorism.” Good and bad elements will forever remain part of every society. It is only branding bad in a particular context for specific objectives that makes the matter worse.

In this case, it is the CIA-men’s associating every bad with “terrorism against the US,” and linking all “terrorism” in turn with Islam and Muslims, which constitutes the core of the US strategy for the war on Islam’s way of life.

It is not that the CIA and the US government do not know that the CIA-men are not world-class con artists. It is only that the US needs them this way until they outlive their utility and qualify to be accused of crimes against the US interests.

Every one of these CIA-men is a Chalabi in his own way. They feed Western intelligence sources false information about anything the US government wants to hear from WMD to the threat of Jihad-related Qur’anic verses in school curriculum.

Chalabi is a good model for understanding CIA-men. No one in the US considered him a con-man. He went on to the level of sitting behind Laura Bush during this year’s State of the Union speech.

Chalabi’s past was ignored for his promotion inside the Beltway by neo-cons, including Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and other Bush officials, who desperately needed his lies for invading Iraq.

The US could not only afford to pay him $350,000 a month for being a “window to Iraq,” but also giving him a lead role in the sham governing council. Those who believe he was “gaming” the intelligence agencies of eight nations, according to intelligence sources cited in the Los Angeles Times, are utterly wrong.

Instead, it is the intelligence agencies, which think they have gamed Muslims from the level of Janitors in mosques to the heads of state. In fact, these myopic agencies and their men are gaming themselves and their people. They can never achieve the revised expectation from these con-men through such deceptions.

In the first place, if an agency knows the information it obtains is wrong, but accepts it simply because it can serve any of its government’s objectives –” from putting a person behind bars to overthrowing a government –” it proves that the threat, the enemy, is not real. It is created. Fighting artificial creations in itself leads to losing resources and lives on top of losing the very heart and minds they want to conquer.

The CIA-men are simply to bring pain and misery for the East and the West due to their fraud, blackmail and the resultant oppression. They start telling the truth only when the hand that feed them tighten noose around their neck.

After paving the way for Iraq’s occupation, Chalabi pleads on his turn: "let my people go." He says his aides are innocent but won’t turn themselves in because "there is no justice in Iraq. There is Abu Ghraib prison." What a belated realization!

Doom at Local level

The intelligence community considers hiring a few-hundred-dollar-men at lower level as “unavoidable.” So is the doom they will bring.

In the West, fear of the government among Muslims is growing faster than wild-fires. The common perception is that most Muslims arrested after 9/11 are victims of baseless information provided by petty informants without any evidence at all.

The fear and warnings of terrorist attacks lead to further increase in hate and intolerance towards Muslims. In the end, finding evil in a people leads to lack of trust and respect for Muslims among other communities.

It leads to disintegration of social cohesion in the society. Like the studies of German behavior at the times of Nazi brutality against Jews, the coming generations would wonder how the majority was silent when Muslims were turned into 21st century Jews.

Doom at International level

At international level, appointment of Iyad Allawi, closely linked to the CIA and formerly to MI6, as the Prime Minister of Iraq proves that Washington considers giving power only to the CIA-men as unavoidable. [2]

To complete the axis of dollar-men in the name of democracy, the US would not hesitate to move beyond Islamabad, Kabul Baghdad and Egypt to Syria and elsewhere.

So, are the intelligence agencies playing suckers by Uncle Sam, the fulcrum of the axis of tyranny? Are the intelligence agencies maneuvered into tackling neo-cons-created and much hated enemies, Islam and Muslims, whom Washington backed in the 1980s against the Soviet Union and whom they now consider as a threat to their dreams of global domination? We’ll see as the doom at the hands of the dollar-men unfolds.


Muslims have to learn to say no the CIA-men at the top. They need a re-humiliation and de-dignification approach towards the dollar-men. The problem is that what deserves death penalty in the US is not anymore considered even shameful in the Muslims world. Muslims have to stigmatize words, deeds and rule of the CIA-men as shameful. And shame, more than any election or law, is how a Muslim society should express approval and disapproval and apply restraints to their leaders.

The responsibility to address this problem also lies on the shoulders of the Western public, particularly the Americans. They seem helpless in holding anyone high up accountable for coddling a host of Chalabi-like dollar-men. After all, nobody of any stature has yet been held accountable for the lies of dollar-men who have led the US into wars, occupations and war crimes.

To avoid the approaching doom of Nazi Germany like situation at home and a chain of never ending wars and concentration camps abroad, the Americans have to understand the reality, the truth, and find out ways to punish the concerned individuals and agencies.

Without proper accountability, doom is our common destiny.


[1]. U.S. Code as of: 01/22/02 Section 904. Art. 104. Aiding the enemy: Any person who – (1) aids, or attempts to aid, the enemy with arms, ammunition, supplies, money, or other things; or (2) without proper authority, knowingly harbors or protects or gives intelligence to, or communicates or corresponds with or holds any intercourse with the enemy, either directly or indirectly; shall suffer death or such other punishment as a court-martial or military commission may direct.

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