The Bush "Universal Solution" to Disasters is Itself a Long-term Disaster


The Bush Administration is disaster-oriented. It causes disasters, allows disasters and enhances natural disasters by bumbling ineptitude and faulty responses. But the worst disaster connected with the Bush Administration is the mindset, the philosophy, the "Universal Solution", which itself is a long-term disaster for America.

The Bush Administration’s "Universal Solution" to everything is to weaken Federal government by starving it of funds, to focus on enriching the already wealthy and powerful to enhancing their wealth and power at the expense of government programs for the citizenry at large, and enhancing the role of the military/industrial/business complex at the expense of everything else.

This mindset means that U.S. infrastructure is allowed to deteriorate, and thus fail the interests of the common citizen. When predictable emergencies arise from this neglect, the "Universal Solution" is called into play, which brings big contracts for emergency repairs, which further inconvenience the public, while transferring American wealth into the pockets of the big businessmen, while simultaneously incurring large-scale public debt. This debt often is financed by bonds and financial instruments which again benefit the investor class, the wealthy, at the expense of the public, whose children go to subpart school buildings to study without adequate books and study materials in order to finance the luxury lifestyles of the rich and affluent.

War is another centerpiece of the disastrous policies of the Bush Administration. Elective wars should not be financed with public debt, but the American government should have concentrated on paying off the entire Federal debt and saving money in advance to fight elective wars. Instead, debts are not paid off at all, they are financed into the pockets of the wealthy or even into the accounts of foreign competitors so that the big military contractors can again sell their lethal wares and bomb their way to immense wealth. The children of New Orleans cannot even be evacuated with their parents when natural disaster threatens, but the ultra wealthy of New Orleans get taxpayer funded mercenary protections of their mansions, with individual mercenaries being paid $300.00 per day at taxpayer expense to haul around their riot shotguns and menace the citizens of the city who come into view. But there is still not enough money available to recover the corpses of the faceless, nameless souls who did not have the money to save themselves from the disaster, which could have been prevented or mitigated by more spending on New Orleans infrastructure and evacuation capability.

The enhancement of the obscene disparity between America’s rich and poor is a disaster. It is typified by the Marie Antoinette-like musings of the wealthy mother of the President, Barbara Bush, who felt that the world was in its proper order after Hurricane Katrina, and that the "underprivileged" (according to Ms. Bush) actually were better off warehoused in the cavernous Astrodome than in their little subterranean hovels in New Orleans.

The "Noble" Barbara Bush is herself a national disaster. Her son as President is the biggest disaster of a President in American history, and his policies and "Universal Solution" to enrich the wealthy and to exploit the poor for the further enrichment of wealthy capitalists must be seen for what it is — an epic disaster that will ultimately ruin the U.S. as a nation. Only so much wealth can be transferred from poor to rich before the cycle bursts. Only so much debt can be incurred by a nation before the debt cycle bursts. Only so many people can be exploited before they wake up and say, "Enough!" Only so much time remains before the chickens come home to roost and the accounting takes place.