The Betrayal of America by its Media

The major media outlets in the United States have completely betrayed the craft of journalism and objective reporting.  In its nascent stages the media was by far the most pivotal component relative to informing the masses about the oppressive nature of the British kingdom.  This led to a higher since of consciousness regarding issues of independence, hence facilitating the American Revolutionary War.  Fast forward to contemporary journalism and this essence has been replaced by an institution which has become relegated to a role of sensationalism and tabloid style reporting regarding issues of paramount relevance. 

The American political system is formally comprised of three branches: the legislative, judicial, and executive.  Ideally, the system of checks and balances would minimize corruption within the political system, however the advent of the printing press added a new dimension to government regulation.  If these branches were to fail at properly informing the American public, the media would assume the implied role of being the fourth branch of the government.  The importance of this role is immeasurable due to the natural tendency of power to corrupt individuals.  Currently, that role has been totally eradicated from the American political landscape and has been fully integrated with the corruptive elements of the current Bush administration.  The media has somehow come to the conclusion that in a post 9/11 world, objectivity is no longer independent thinking, but total conformity to the views expressed by the administration.

The U.S. (along with its junior partner Great Britain) is about to engage in an illegal, unprovoked, and unjustifiable war with Iraq.  The fundamental basis for this war being Saddam’s unwillingness to disarm, his past transgressions against neighbors, and the laughable notion that he is a “threat to civilization”.  These justifications are at best specious and should have sparked intense debate among media outlets as to the potential motives of the administration with regards to Iraq.  However, the overwhelming majority of media outlets, television in particular, have made scant attempts to engage in unbiased and informed reporting pertinent to the issues facing this conflict.  Journalistic integrity is no longer a pervasive element in today’s modern American media agenda.  As a U.S. citizen I am outraged that my country is engaging in activities more conducive to that of a rogue state than that of a model democracy.  What is more disheartening is that the one element of uninhibited veracity has colluded with the former institutional nemesis to thoroughly misguide the masses of Americans regarding this conflict.

The United States repeatedly reprimands Iraq for its 1990 invasion of Kuwait, while at the same time praising Israel which has maliciously ignored U.N. Resolution 242, by occupying territories in Gaza and the West Bank.  Most Americans have no clue that our government, by supporting Israel so generously, is directly adversely affecting hundreds of thousands of Palestinians by continuing to fund one of the most violent regimes in the world.  After 9/11 many Americans asked the question why do they hate us.  The answers were clear yet the media chose to purposely conceal them out of fear that the truth would infuriate some of its advertisers hence decreasing cash flow.  Until Americans and citizens worldwide force the American government to cease in the pathetically unfair treatment of various groups in the Arab world then “terrorism” or “resistance to oppression” will continue.  Terrorism is the direct result of imperialism and until the U.S. acknowledges that and more importantly the media highlights that, peace and harmony are unattainable.

Mr. Girard Newkirk contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from North Carolina, USA. He writes on most of the issues regarding the Middle East, religion and its tremendous impact on the world as a Political Theorist.