The age of reckoning

Many of us who think the US ongoing terrorist adventures are not against “terrorism,” believe that it is part of the struggle for oil and other natural resources.

Unfortunately, the chief nihilists behind the US barbarism are right: they are terrified. They are really terrorized and scared to death.

Most importantly, the present age barbarians would remain scared even if they occupy every single square inch on this earth and crush every individual, resisting their unjust rule, to death in the fully operational concentration camps around the world.

The reason is simple: terror lies deep down in their hearts, not in the objects they perceive as enemies.

Those who think it is a war for controlling natural resources and mere domination need to wake up and understand what the real terrorists in Washington consider as their enemy. It is nothing but Islam and a way of life it prescribes.

It is not so because Islam teaches to attack the US and its allies. The imperialists simply see its principles a challenge to the status quo they want to maintain and the neo-imperialism they intend to maintain at any cost.

They don’t see any other ideology other than Islam that strikes at the core pillars of social, political and economic order of the US led global tyranny.

They don’t see any other source of real inspiration for human beings to stand against injustice other than Islam.

People the world over are standing against injustice. Scores of writers, mostly non-Muslims, are exposing the US crimes against humanity.

Millions of people, mostly non-Muslims, are marching in the streets against the war and the corporate order.

However, anything that can inspire these protesters to even sacrifice their lives for eradicating injustice and tyranny, it is Islam and hence the enemy in chief.

Protests don’t hurt the barbarians. The unprecedented protests in human history, before and after the Iraq war and before elections in the US, went in vain.

Complains and exposure of their crimes cannot deter the criminals. Therefore, the focus of the barbarians of our age has been to keep their victims away from making the culprits pay back in kind.

Those who are dispatching more and more troops for further tortures, rapes, bloodshed and destruction to sustain this tyranny would call an end to their “war on terrorism” the moment they understand two things: one, the real reason that makes their hearts abodes of terror and two, the Anglo saying, "payback will be hell".


Before explaining these two points, we need to realize that ours is an age of reckoning and in search for meaning to what is happening around; we definitely need to go beyond our petty rationality for explaining the complexity of international relations and political science.

The thought of an age of reckoning immediately leads us to the gruesome events we watch today in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, across Africa and in the Middle East.

The challenge we face is to make the facts match, for in too many places they do not. We have the tendency to look at events and pieces. This approach fails us in discovering the real perpetrators and their motives.

We think the criminals are there for oil but fail to see that their oil supply was more secure under Saddam than now and in the future.

Our failure to identify the real motives of the criminals makes us lose the context. We also fail to realize that no society can go forward until reconciliation is accomplished through addressing grievances and making the criminals pay back.

The UN had an opportunity after the World War-II and the US had a historic role to play after the Cold War in the unfreezing of history for correcting wrongs around the world –” not in every case, but certainly in many. Both have however squandered these opportunities, perhaps, forever.

That is how the age of reckoning begins. Contrary to what most astute American analysts anticipated when the Berlin Wall collapsed 15 years ago, the Cold War’s end has brought no eternal peace to the heart of those who have been waging wars and enjoying destruction.

To the contrary, the terror and morbid dread in the hearts of unjust led to what many strongly believe a staged attack on Pentagon and WTC on September 11, 2001.

The insistent fear and cowardice led these scared-to-death-terrorists invade Afghanistan and then Iraq with no justification but pure lies upon lies.

Instead of dealing with demands for addressing injustices, the terrorists are engaged in more injustice through committing more crimes against humanity.

Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine are examples where the more the war lords torture and kill innocents, the more terror swells in their hearts. They are engaged in unleashing more and more terror, believing they can use their military might to avoid justice and extract obedience from victims. Giving heed to the reality is cowardice in their lexicon.

There are no signs that the US will review its policies for possible reconciliation. Thus, terror will keep on haunting American, leadership for the foreseeable future, because terror lies in their heart, not in the impossible-to-find weapons of mass destruction of Saddam Hussain or the still living suicide pilots of Osama bin Laden, who according to FBI died on 9/11.


Coming back to the two points –” reasons of terror in the heart of unjust and the fear of pay back –” it is very important to note that there are valid reasons for the never-ending-terror in the heart of those who can destroy the whole planet many times over.

Interestingly, their fear is not imaginary. It is real. Events of this century have already started crossing all limits of secular explanations. The jingoist American leaders now need to refer to the true message of the Bible or the Qur’an to understand the reason for the terror in their heart and to avoid payback.

It needs no believer of the Muslim faith to understand that when men start fearing men, no amount of weapons, no amount of torture in Guantanamo Bay, no amount of mindless bombing, killings and an unlimited “war on terrorism” can ever bring peace to their hearts.

At no less than 92 occasions, the Qur’an says, “fear Allah” because one who fears Allah can never think of the crimes we are witnessing in Palestine, Iraq or Afghanistan. Similarly, one who fears Allah can never bow down to the barbarians of any age, no matter how militarily strong they may be and no matter how many new torture techniques they may invent.

Those who fear Allah do not evolve into Musharraf, Karzai, Allawi or those at the grassroots level, who opt to working for consolidation of occupation. That’s why the barbarians are scared of Islam.

And that’s why the Qur’an repeats “Fear Him” no less than seventeen (17) times and Allah directly addresses human beings: “Fear me” at least 10 times. Qur’anic verses such as “fear not men but fear me” (5:54) and “fear me and me alone” (2:41) are so straightforward that no amount of “fundamentalism” or “moderatism” or “reinterpretation” can confuse their meaning.

In fact, it is not Osama or WMD that scare the criminals in the first place: it is the fear of payback and the fear of the message not to fear anyone, but Allah.

Many do not understand the complexity of the problems because apparently the fear in the heart of global tyrants has nothing to do with Islam.

The unjust are scared of the over-due payback for the injustice they still support and stand for. The double standards they applied to Iraqi occupation of Kuwait and Israeli occupation of Arab lands; or to the crimes against humanity of Israel and the "crimes" of the Taliban are examples that need no explanation.

The Qur’an explains the cause of terror in the hearts of criminals and unjust in these words: “We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they set up with Allah that for which He has sent down no authority, and their abode is the fire, and evil is the abode of the unjust” (03:151).

The unjust need no Osama or Saddam to scare them. Nature no more destroys whole nations for their sins. Now the unjust would bring about their doom with their own hands. “… And they thought their fortress would defend them from Allah! But Allah’s (torment) reached them from a place whereof they expected it not, and He cast in their hearts so that they destroyed their dwellings with their own hands and the hands of the believers. Then take admonition, O you with eyes (to see)” (Qur’an 59:02).

Someone must tell if Bush and his Company are doing anything other than hastening the fall of a decade old, unjust American Empire. If the so-labeled “conspiracy theorists” are right, and Bush and his company have actually staged 9/11 to go for global domination, we must see the result of the coming fall of the US in the light of the above mentioned verse of the Qur’an: “…But Allah’s (torment) reached them from a place whereof they expected it not, and He cast in their hearts so that they destroyed their dwellings with their own hands…”

They staged 9/11 to expedite total domination, not knowing that this destruction of “their dwellings with their own hands” is the beginning of their reaping the whirlwind after sowing the wind for so long. It was not as simple as they planned: occupy and rule Iraq and Afghanistan in the first stage to occupying every pronounced and unpronounced state on the “axis of evil.” The problems there, however, get compounded every hour.

These are the problems that cannot be solved with more GIs, more bombs, more concentration camps and more butchery. These problems cannot be solved with mere elections either.

The barbarians started blaming their problems on a “Sunni Arab insurgency.” Iran is next on their plate. However, a pro-Iranian electoral alliance of the Shi’ite majority is predicted to win a majority of parliamentary seats and form the government. Besides, the military might of Iran’s historic adversary, Iraq, has been totally wrecked.

Even if the sham elections are held, these would be followed by an intra-Shi’ite power struggle, alongside a broader conflict among Shi’ite Arabs, Sunni Arabs, and Sunni Kurds.

Confused by these developments, along finding no military solution to the worsening situation, the United States is further deepening the Shi’ite-Sunni divide. Bush got his Sunni Arab protégés King Abdullah and interim Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar to denounce Iranian "interference" in Iraqi affairs.

Also, the Americans are prodding interim Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi to try to put together a Sunni-dominated party to counter the pro-Iranian Shi’ite alliance. The US also suggested to “adjust” vote results to balance Shi’ite power, which has been flatly rejected by Iraq’s election body.[1] These are developments are aligning Iraqi Shi’ites more closely with Iran.

The war has mobilized forces against other US-protected, anti-people regimes in the region to an unprecedented level. Muslims, feeling the heat of sub-human US tactics in Iraq, from neighboring countries have joined the Iraqi struggle for real liberation.[2] See the Guardian story where a wife sends her husband from Yemen to fight American in Iraq with these words: “…They are doing this to the men, imagine what is happening to the women now. Imagine your sisters and me being raped by the infidel American pigs."

The oppressed everywhere have ratcheted up their campaign against the US-supported criminal regimes. France, Germany and many others have already sidelined themselves from the US war launched in the name of liberation, but based purely on lies and deceptions.

What happened in Ukraine is enough for Russia to further rethink its future course of action. It is becoming hard for the US to justify interference in Ukrainian election because a “pro-West” candidate failed to win, where as keep total silence over Uzbekistan elections where another Musharraf has elected himself to power in one-candidate elections.[3]

At the same time, amid the growing chaos and fear Rumsfeld slips his tongue and contradicts the official story about 9/11.[4] Thing would refuse to mismanage for too long. The more the problems increases, the more the fear on the heart of barbarians will grow.

Their “final solutions” would get nasty with each failure and increasing fear. They will wreak more havoc and destruction with the increasing fear of pay back. The fear of pay back has already forced them to cheat elections in the US.

No matter how much we may fail to recognize the actual motives of the barbarians behind the ever expanding war and no matter how they may conceal the fear in their heart, nature has already set things in motion to make the tyrants pay back.


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