Terrorism is the Common Concern of Humanity


Terrorism is a nerve shattering threat to all mankind. As there is still no commonly accepted definition of terrorism, any state can hold any state responsible for committing terrorism, and that will benefit the terrorists only, who want to create confusion and turmoil across the globe, to further their cause without having been identified as such. The future of the world rests upon arriving at consensus about terrorism in order to evolve a comprehensive response to the menace. The fact that politics has gone clerical and that religion has become politicized, makes some global events of modern world more global.

Since the assassination of Julius Caesar, terrorism has continued to appear in political arena as an ever-developing universal disease. This poisoned dagger was left among the pages of history, historical movies, and Hollywood detectives movies. On September 11, in the first year of the new millennium, all humanity appeared vulnerable to attacks, launched by the fanatics. Invisible terrorism, can show itself anywhere – in five star hotels, fantastic small living places equipped with modern high-tech monitoring devices, airports, or even beneath an isolated table.

Since the days of Roman Empire, war has been part of politics; now politics has become part of terrorism. The religion too has become part of terrorism. It is too early to comment on the ongoing global game, whose focus sometime seems to be shifting from most important to the peripheral matters, from one region to the other. Life in the US own guarded town of Kabul itself does not appear to be safe enough as yet. The US troops are occasionally subjected to bomb blasts and shellings. How long will peace take to return and when shall the reconstruction phase begin in Afghanistan, remains anybody’s guess. The world is caught in the unpredictables.

The “Clash of Civilizations” was written by Prof. Huntington, an ex-official of the US government, about fifteen years ago. It was not written to realize the reality of the twin towers tragedy, essentially. He is not the God-sent prophet that the world must conform itself to his prophesies. Three resolutions were passed by the UNSC to smash terrorism. The US defiant states – India and Israel, jumped at the opportunity to use these resolutions for simplifying own long standing national agendas in the locations of their regions, capitalizing on the absence of the commonly accepted definition of the Terrorism. They are feverishly trying to have their much weaker neighbours, pushed into the ambit of terrorist states, while freely committing hair raising atrocities including mass rapes themselves, on their weaker neighbours, whose centuries, old territories and homes and hearths they have occupied for themselves. President G W Bush of the US too also terms them (SHERON AND VAJPAYEE) as men of peace. It is for this indiscrimination and double standards, that the followers of Osama bin Laden have dared call him the man of ‘Greater Peace’.

Right now, when President Bush is busy in having his proposals accepted by the US Congress, these opportunists – the core allies of the US have restarted their ire of revenge with yet more venomenous revenge for destruction of the Kashmiris and the Palestinians. Did the world not see how they project the tragedy of September 11, along with self-suiting abstractions and fabrications, like the Hollywood movies, and use the human misery to serve their own overdue interests? India followed the suit, with its Bollywood experiences, to show mountain of a mole. Strange, there too, on 13 December the enemies of the Indian Parliament building managed to enter without let or hindrance, but once they had reached near the doors of the building, they were all suddenly spotted, and amongst them, only every so-called terrorist was then killed at the spot! The Cameramen seem to be far more vigilant than the smartees of the guard.

They all seem to have been foretold or possessed the fore-knowledge of the scene that was going to be created. Despite all the scientific and technological advancement made in almost every department of life, during the twentieth century, it sowed seeds for terrorism too alongside other useful achievements, during the period. The beginning of the 21st century was, therefore, made by the revenge actions of the terrorism across the globe. The blame for this also, rather mainly lies on the secular world-view that was given wide currency during the preceding about four centuries. Their desire to bring peace and harmony without religious common code of the life values, rather amounted to cause imbalance in the human life. Similarly, the “Humanism”, to in isolation of religion/Holy Scriptures, in the daily life, proved a disaster. Time has come for the packing up of self-made theories, like the communism. Without religious thought and morality life cannot be brought out of the 24 hour fear of the unknown. All types of terrorism regardless of reason, is evil. Root cause rather than the symptoms are badly needed to be addressed. America has delved on the problem a great deal but it has still to delve with far reaching view to find an answer to what would serve the cause better of not only the Americans but for the Muslims and the whole mankind in a much more beneficial manner.