Terrorism Confrontation Guide

The Arab emergency summit was held at Sharm El Sheikh to look into one issue; Terrorism and the way it should be confronted although the announced agenda by the Arab summit included two other subjects: the situation in Iraq and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza stripe and the north of the west bank.

The issue of terrorism is not only occupying Egypt and the Arab countries, but is also occupying all of the western world led by the United States of America, as the ongoing strikes against targets in the west is a clear indication that all the measures taken by the United states and the western countries could not put an end to the terrorist activities, even worse, it gained momentum as a result of the miscalculation of these countries which was evident through the measures which affected liberties and democracy and made the East feel that the West is acting against it in a discriminatory way, and I mean by East, large countries and communities that are loyal to western countries and every individual of its individuals enjoys full rights and duties like any citizen of these countries such as the United States, England, France and Italy.

Trying to confront errors carried along many errors which aggravated the situation and enabled the extremists to organize more of the European and American young people after the great and harsh injustice they suffered as a result of the measures and regulations that were imposed after the September eleventh (New York bombings).

So, the problem still exists and these countries will never find a solution unless they fix the essence and start to know it. That is to know the essence of the problem, which compelled extremists to go out public and establish their organizations and attract and organize large groups of young people to perform such acts.

The essence of the problems lies in the long accumulation of injustice, colonization and exploitation practiced by the western countries which became rich as a result of the aggression they practiced for long decades in Africa, the east in general and the Middle East in particular. Because of accumulation of hatred and the accumulation of the feeling of the necessity to get rid of the exploitation and spoliation, and as an additional result, hatred accumulated against the ruling regimes that the west has employed to facilitate the spoliation operations and other things.

Naturally, Israel takes the leading position in the list of factors that created extremism against the West, because the West created Israel on the expense of the Palestinian people which was displaced from its own land and suffered from an unprecedented and extreme injustice and oppression, where the international decree of granting the Palestinian people its independence shortly after the British mandate so that Palestine would prepare for independence, was replaced and the West executed The British Belford Promise to establish a state for the Jews on the Palestinian land.

Because the West stood still and did not take any position from the massacres committed by the armed Zionist gangs against many Palestinian cities and villages in order to displace the Palestinians and take over their cities and villages like what happened in Kufr Qasom, Qibyah, Deir Yassin, Safad and others.

And because the West continued to support the Israeli expansion and supported the State terrorism of Israel against the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples and overlooked the crimes against humanity committed by Israel, continued to supply Israel with the latest modern weapons and continued to adopt double standards in dealing with Israel’s exposed and flagrant crimes which the West continued to justify and over look and accused those who defended its rights and the international legitimacy.

This is the truth if Mr. Blair would like to know it, especially that England is directly and greatly responsible for the injustice incurred on the Palestinian people and supported Israel constantly to continue its aggression on the Palestinian people and the Arabs after betraying them with an unprecedented treason in history when England turned against the Arabs who fought with it to terminate the Ottoman rule and did not keep its promises to give Arabs their independence and maintain the sovereignty of their lands.

We are talking about the essence of the problem that caused the growth of extremism which arms and mobilizes doing acts that reach the level of convicted and horrible criminality. Not only that, but the West is also responsible for mixing things together, because the West which caused the growing extremism did not differentiate between the just and rightful struggle of people stipulated by the charter of the United nations and horrible terrorist acts.

The most important evidence on that is the Western support of the Terrible Israeli terrorism against the Palestinian people who are resisting the occupation which is a legitimate right for them, but it went so far that it described the just and legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people as terrorism. In this, the West and Israel went til far reaching points when Israel attacked the West Bank and Gaza stripe and reoccupied the territories which were consigned to the Palestinian Authority based on an agreement signed at the white House. These forces destroyed the headquarters of the late Palestinian President Yassr Arafat may God have mercy on his soul and put him under a strangling siege under the sight of the whole world without anyone moving a limb to stop the Israeli terrorist war, while the Israeli and Western bodies went on describing Yasser Arafat all kind of terrorist names.

Yasser Arafat is the giant and the national symbol that had the courage, the sound vision, wisdom and the ability to convince the Palestinians to agree to a historical compromise in order to reach peace and stop the bloodshed. He encouraged the Palestinians not to let go of their old slogans of liberating Palestine from the River to the Sea and convinced them to accept the two states solution on the Palestinian lands and to recognize Israel within the limits of the fourth of June 1967, provided that a Palestinian independent state is established in the west bank and Gaza stripe.

Yasser Arafat was the peace hero and a propagandist for the stopping of the bloodshed, while Shameer took an anti peace position waiving with the expansion and aggression flags.

After the signing of the Washington agreement, Israel started stalling in living up to its obligations which caused a crack in confidence which had started growing between the two parties.

After that, it turned out to everyone and Yasser Arafat on top that Israel is not serious in implementing the agreement as well as not being serious about reaching a peace settlement based on the two states solution and all it wants is that the Palestinian Authority turning into a security body falling under its orders to hit any popular movement against the occupation. They have killed the man of the initiative to establish peace in the Middle East; this has created a deep impact everywhere; the peace supported where chocked as it turned out that Israel does not want peace while the United States (peace sponsor) is standing still and does not keep its obligations. Whereas the ones opposing peace saw that what had happened was supporting their opinions (Here is the leader Yasser Arafat who extended his hand for peace under siege and here is Israel once again destroying Palestinian cities, villages and camps.

The following logic prevailed:

If this is the fate of the peace propagandist and the leader who initiated the strategic change in the Middle East to establish peace with Israel, how will it be for the others! Confidence was lost and the credibility of the United States was also lost, when everyone listed to the President Bush when he said " Israel must withdraw, I mean what I say" But the occupation remained and everyone was convinced that he did not mean what he said.

The supporting American position towards Israel and its organized terrorism extended the fertile land for extremism and extremists and hit the peace camp with strikes that made it retreat to silence. While these results were not limited to the Palestinian arena, but, were extended all the countries and peoples of the East which felt humiliated and coerced in front of the deception practiced by Israel and the West towards the Palestinians and the peoples of the East.

The leader Yasser Arafat may God have mercy on his soul was not only a Palestinian leader, but he was an international symbol of liberation and peoples rights to self-determination.

He was an international giant, that is why the consequences of his siege and murder prevailed al the world and in particular the Eastern world which spilled out an increasing feeling of coercion which produced and produces extremism and increased the feelings of hatred and made extremists find out of this a fertile ground for mobilizations, provocation and arming of young people to do criminal acts. All of this made the Arab populations loose any confidence in the West and terminated what ever was left of the credibility of the West in the East. These factors are the most important ones that provokes extremism, and there is no doubt that the West describing the resistance of the Israeli occupation as terrorism was the tumult that made the calamity

The lack of confidence of large numbers of the young people from the East and some from the West increased in the Western governments which stabbed time after time while they realized that there was no hope in these governments using one standard in dealing with rights, freedom and independence and that all what the West is bragging about from Democracy, freedom and humans rights ends at the border of Israel. It is essential that the West understand that the oppression and deprivation felt by the poor of the world is doubled because of the practices of the ruling regimes, which are in most cases connected to the West to a large extent. Because populations are subdued to an internal and external deprivations and coercion complementing each other, while seeing that their wealth being looted by the West and the rulers connected to the West and at the same time feeling helpless and weak in front of the lack of Democracy in their countries (Which is the way for change)

The regimes possess the tools to hit hard on the hands of the people and make decisions that deprive people from their basic rights and their right to choose democracy, while the West which is the Godfather of these regimes possesses the war machines and the technology which was used and is used to subdue the populations if they rebel to sought after change and development.

From coercion and impuissance, the land of the East was transformed to a fertile ground for a growing blind extremism which expressed itself in ways the victims of which were hundreds of civilians and innocent people, that is why we say that using more military force and submission or both will only stir up the fire.

A vital understanding of the aforementioned is an essential and indispensable condition to reaching out to the necessary prescription to extinguish the fire of the blind extremism.

We will try to base on those facts to indicate the broad lines of the required prescription to handle the aggravating situation.

The vast majority of Palestinians, Iraqis and Arabs wish to establish strong relationships with the West based on sound grounds like mutual respect. Upholding the rightness and international legitimacy, development and prosperity based on mutual interests. But, the practices of the West and the authoritarianism in dealings made populations don’t trust the West and doubt its intentions and is considered after the occupation of Iraq as enemy.

As an example, In Iraq most of those who opposed the former Iraqi regime are opposing and are fighting by speech or by gun the occupation of Iraq and are calling upon the allied occupation troops to leave Iraq. All the Iraqi people regardless of what this temporal official or those see that the occupation and the siege that preceded is only systematic spoliation operation for their countries wealth and see that the Iraqi military troops and security forces that were armed after the occupation are only tools to serve the occupation forces.

Why does the West insist of the continuation of the occupation of Iraq? The answer of the Iraqis is very clear; to continue the looting the wealth of Iraq and maybe to divide Iraq.

This does not only agitate the feelings of the Iraqis, but agitates the feelings of all the populations of East.

The West is mocking them by encouraging Israel to continue its coercive discriminatory aggression policies in the region where the West relinquishes the alleged adherence to applying the decisions of the United Nations when it comes to the Israeli withdrawal from the Palestinian and Arab lands occupied since 1967. Thirty-eight years have passed on that decision and the populations of the region have not seen a single move from the west to decisively request Israel to apply the resolution no. 242

This attitude of the West and its practices in the region have frustrated the hopes and wishes of the populations to establish the kind of relations that we had talked about : the relations of mutual reciprocal respect, the inevitable result was and is still that the populations of the East see the West as an enemy that is looting its wealth and does not care abuts its rights and supports and arms the aggressor.

This is the fertile soil for growing extremism and terrorism as a result of the weakness and helplessness of its populations that are ruled by chains failing to confront coercion and injustice.

So, the start lies here when the populations of the East see that the West is truthful in what it says in a tangible manner, things will start taking it normal an logical course, which means: the West must respect the principals it talks about: Freedom, Democracy and human rights. Respect and commitment to these principles practically means that the West is enlightened by these principles when dealing with other populations.

The American people paid a dear price to get red of the British occupation and France helped them to resist the British occupation gave the Americans with the statue of Freedom in New York a an expression of supporting freedom and the right to self determination, while we see now that the American policies is not in tandem with this heroic history of resisting occupation. We also see that few of the Americans remember that the resistance of the British occupation by Americans was described as terrorism in the British political speech exactly as the West describes the resistance of the Palestinians to the Israeli occupation

The standard must turn into standards depending on the interests of the centers of pressure in the United states and fighting terrorism requires that the West declares again and practices its commitment to the principle of self determination and the mutual respect between populations and the establishment of relations with states and population on the ground of mutual interests and benefits and not as it is going on now where countries loot other countries` wealth.