Terror in America must not blind us to the ongoing Israeli Terrorism in Palestine


We reach out to the American people and express our extreme sorrow and condolences

On behalf of the Palestinian People and leadership, all Arab People and leadership, we believe that this horrendous act of terrorism against the innocent American people is an act of absolute immorality and evil. We, a people under occupation, have been subject to massive assaults, have been under siege, and are being shelled and killed daily.

Only last night, 9 innocent Palestinian civilians were killed in Jenin, 2 in Gaza, and hundreds were injured. Yet, we reach out to the American people and express our extreme sorrow and condolences. We feel that the perpetrators have to be identified and have to be punished.

We think that this is a turning point in the history of wars. This is an invisible enemy, an enemy of all humanity, human rights and freedom. And we as Palestinians are struggling for human rights, for freedom, for democracy, and for the rule of law, and we believe there should be a global rule of law. We extend our sincerest feelings of sorrow and shock to the victims and their families.

Again, on behalf of Palestinians, people involved in the Palestinian Intifada, whether the national or Muslim forces, and all Arab leaderships, President Yasser Arafat expressed total condemnation and utter grief to this tremendous loss. This situation requires not just condemnation, but it also requires a cooperative effort and active opposition to such acts of horror.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that this kind of terrorism must not blind us to the ongoing situation in Palestine. The exploitation of this in order to link the Palestinians to any kind of violence or terror, or in order to justify and rationalize violence or terror against the Palestinians is entirely unacceptable. On behalf of the people of Jenin, who are besieged and the victims who are being wounded and killed on a daily basis, we stand for what is just and for what is moral. We call for the support of the Palestinian People in standing against the forces of evil and darkness.