Tell Me, America..

I say this with much sadness. As I write this, over three months since the bombing on Afghanistan began, U.S. warplanes continue to strike the country, with little or no regard for civilian loss of life. And, Israel bulldozes homes and showers missiles on Palestinians, with full American support. And, India oppresses Kashmiris with a free hand, while America welcomes her government officials in Washington. And, Russia kills civilians while trying to get control over Chechnya, with America’s silent approval. And, as I write this, America continues to support dictatorship regimes across the Muslim world, be it in Pakistan, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. This is why I want to ask America.. I want explanations.

Terrorism has a cause, no doubt about that. So, I want to ask America: what is your reason of doing this to us? When the events of 9/11 happened, Americans asked: “Whoever did the attacks, they did this because they hate us.. why?” That is why I want to ask Americans: “Why do you hate us?” Because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t do this to Muslims, would you? Could it be hatred for our land? Envy because of our resources (hint: oil)? Our values? Or could it be hatred for our religion?

Tell me, America: Why do you not have tolerance? Why is there no acceptance? Why must we renounce Muslim culture and adopt the Western way of life? Why do we have to take our veils off, to be successful? Why can’t we believe that we are liberated by our religion? Why must we forget our Holy Book, and separate religion from life? America, why do you interpret our religion for us? Why do you tell us to become like you? Why do you want to make our societies full of crime, just like USA’s? Why do you want to erode Muslim honor? Why do we have to dance to your tune to please you?

United States, tell me why can’t we conduct our own life? Why can’t you leave us alone? Why must you impose autocracies over us? Why do you want to control our oil and other resources? Why do you terrorize people, including Third World non Muslims? Why is it that you have oppressed innocent people across the globe, and have earned a “superpower” status on their expense? Why do you want to do all this, and still make Muslims look like the criminals?

Tell me, USA: How do you do this? Maybe we should take some lessons, too. How do you manage to commit war crimes, and have no one to criticize you? How can you possibly do wrong to others, yet portray yourselves as the victims? How can you stand against the world, alone but with Israel, in favor of oppression, genocide and crimes? I must admire your shrewdness. How can you make other governments shiver with fear at your mighty voice, full of demands (with the exception of the Taliban)? How can you support corrupt unwanted governments in Muslim countries, with no one to remind you about your own self-taught “democracy” expansion? How are you able to weaken Muslims, though they control the resources you depend upon? You must have worked this out very well.

Can I tell you something now? I will tell you what USA means to the Muslim public. American government symbolizes oppression, genocide and dilemmas to us. It is not a nation of liberty, freedom and democracy that Americans believe in. We see America through its weapons used by Israel to destroy homes and kill Palestinian children. We see America through its B-52s and “daisy cutters” that wiped out entire Afghan families and villages, in the name of a ‘just’ cause. We see America through its hands-off approach to the Kashmir, Chechnya and other issues. We see America through its support of the autocratic, corrupted regimes it props up in all Muslim countries. Tell me, America: do we see you wrongly?

America, I address you as a nation. Yet, I complain of your government. Those who hate Americans, hate them because of what their government has done to them. They believe that you support your government policies. If you do not, where is your voice? If you do not, where is the change in your government’s attitude toward us?

I will tell you something else, too, America. You accuse us of hating you and your citizens because of the “freedom and democracy and civilization” you supposedly represent. What freedom do you have when Americans cannot do anything without the knowledge of their government? What privacy do you enjoy when your government is watching your every telephone call, email, letter and transaction? What democracy do you have when citizens are suspected when criticizing President Bush and his policies? Where is democracy when people are tried in America for crimes they and their lawyers, aren’t even told about (“secret evidence”, for example)? And, what civilization does the West have exclusive rights of? Remember, Islamic civilization and culture brought the Western world out of its Dark Ages It is because of our knowledge then, that you are where you are today. This is what I tell you America; God knows if you will listen.

If any Muslim does happen to attack Americans in the future, then let not Americans ask “Why do they hate us?”. Let not Americans wonder why anyone would want to do this to them. I will tell you now, America, that you have oppressed Muslims around the world; do not be surprised, if, one day, they hit you back.

Ms. S. A. A. is a 16 year old Muslim, who has graduated from senior high school.

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