Tehran, Riyadh discuss increase in Iran’s Hajj quota

Tehran, Riyadh discuss increase in Iran’s Hajj quota

Hosseini met and held talks with Al Rabiah in Jeddah on Tuesday.

Referring to some existing political misunderstandings between Iran and Saudi Arabia and conducting negotiations between the two states to resolve the existing problems, Hosseini hoped that Hajj diplomacy can help the two countries resolve bilateral political issues.

Noting that some 1.2 million people inside Iran are waiting to go to the Hajj pilgrimage, he asked the Saudi official to facilitate boosting the capacity.

Complaining about the increasing costs of services this year, the Iranian official called for Saudi authorities’ support to lighten the financial burden.

Due to the cancelation of departure of pilgrims from a number of countries and also because some states do not intend to use their quota, the ministry will study an increase in Iran’s quota, Al Rabiah said.

The Saudi minister named the growth of global costs and the holding of the Hajj pilgrimage with limited capacity as the main reason behind rising costs, adding that the Saudi government has set a limit for the maximum price of services to help pilgrims.


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