Technology and Treachery

In the beginning was the word. Next came the lie. Whatever reason biochemistry mutated into creatures that can achieve so much is irrelevant. Why humans exist, and can walk, talk, and sing and dance is moot. It is what it is. What is important is that since the invention of the printing press, a ruling class has been deliberately fighting to keep their victims cowering in ignorance and fear. The advent of the Internet threatens this ruling class as never before in history. Their panic is palpable. The methods of slaughter are increasingly horrendous and accelerating rapidly.

The ability to build a library of information has led to every technological advance since the beginning of civilization. The current explosion of information technology is bringing hope to the weakest people in the world and terrifying the old guard. The bankers (starting with the Vatican Bank), who finance and control all governments (no matter what system of control is in place), are slaughtering the poor at an ever- increasing rate, even as they are exposed.

What made the dark ages dark was the deliberate, obsessive denial of public education. The Internet and all related technology will finally provide all the information in the world to every generation simultaneously. Proof of the centuries of policies that have controlled, enslaved and exploited humanity up to now is documented and available to anyone, anytime. Proof of the carnage that keeps that ancient system in power is on TV everyday. The new CBS catchphrase should be, "Big brother- you’re not watching us- were watching you."

That light of information is, and has always been, a curse only to those who choose to rule by ignorance, fear and terror. Adam and Eve were not driven out of the Garden of Eden. They were terrorized into slavery by the first psychopathic murderer who figured out how to kill from behind. That is not God. That is terror. That is how we are still ruled.

The war machine of the western world, financed and managed by the bankers (see Alperin v. Vatican Bank), led by the brilliant legal systems of Britain and the United States, form the control mechanism that makes permanent war a necessity. Sound familiar?

Eternal war against terrorists has been declared. All the so-called great religions provide a faith-based legitimacy, based on fear and ignorance, which provides the authority that secular systems depend on to justify their slaughter. Fundamentalists on both ends of the spectrum who kill for God are terrorists. Victims of this slaughter, like that twenty-seven year old Palestinian lawyer who strapped dynamite around her broken, heart after watching Israeli missiles kill her brother and fiancé, are called terrorists. We will never run out of them.

Terror has always been the method of control. Terror is now our guiding principal. Americans seem anxious to live like the rich they will watch their own children, and millions of others, slaughtered on TV so they can live fat and safe. Or so our consumer-based economy, promoted by our corporate media, would have us believe.

There is documented evidence of this. It is called history. It is real. The Vatican holds written records of every transaction for two thousand years. When common people like myself can survive long enough to understand all this, and be able to communicate these thoughts through cyberspace with impunity, rule by terror is doomed.

Revelation, so long feared by the Vatican, is the light of knowledge. The Church’s real fear is that education will turn their sheep into people demanding their treasure be returned as reparations.

The policies of fear and slavery have to end. Those psychopathic murdering members of the Skull and Bones club will have to use their gifts and talents to work for us instead of living like Pharaoh on the backs and blood of billions of souls.

Television broke the American Southern stranglehold on their freed slaves. The Internet may break the thousand-year-old stranglehold the British Empire has had on the whole planet.


After sixty years of studying history, law, mass communications (University of South Florida), science and engineering (Rochester Institute of Technology), combined with a lot of life experience, it finally occurred to me that the human race has been ruled since the beginning of time by psychopathic murderers. From Genghis Khan, all the way to today’s Bankers’ and Corporate Executives, a "killer instinct" is deemed necessary for success. That, along with an intelligence level that lets them see that superior technology, and a willingness to use it, is the way to vanquish enemies within and without. This is a rulers’ true stock in trade. Even today, the obscene relationship between religion and politics is still the mechanism used to control the masses.

The United States does not truly separate church and state. The U.S. Constitution deliberately did not establish one state religion for one reason only. It causes unmanageable conflict. The Constitution embraces all religions for their combined controlling force. The grant of tax exemptions to churches is proof that church and state are co-dependent, not separate. That financial bond is what really matters. It is what makes church and state one and the same. The so-called rule of law only provides government with the ability to claim equality while actually enforcing inequality.

The Catholic Church is so contemptuous of their followers they actually call them sheep. The sheep are so stupid they think it is a good thing. The Vatican bank has been the Holy Keep for every tyrant since Caesar. When I read that the Vatican has letters from Genghis Khan I wondered why he would write to them. The evidence says those aren’t letters of prayer. They are deposit slips.

A week before we started bombing Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s main man, Aziz, went to the Vatican. Why? Banking.

The concept of the people as sheep, and a "good Shepard", didn’t start with Christ. It comes from the time of Moses. It explains why there are statues of Pharaoh with the head of a wolf. He is the Shepard. He is the wolf who talks and lies. The wolf in sheep’s clothing that feeds on the flock at will. The game is timeless.

Pharaoh’s treasure now sits under the Pope, in the Vatican Bank. The descendants of the Egyptian slaves looted the pyramids and lived on that ill-gotten treasure for five thousand years. The descendants of the victims of the Vatican should start the looting immediately.


It seems that what must separate the ruling class from the ruled isn’t the level of intelligence one is born with. It must be their ability to kill fellow humans, find pleasure in the act as well as the material rewards they steal and live on in splendor.

The fact that IQ tests try to measure the intelligence level of individuals is an acknowledgment that some people are smarter than others. In fact, it appears that the human race is cruelly split by the difference in intelligence levels. Instead of the top seven (7)percent using their blessings to nurture and protect the less fortunate, they use their abilities to enslave, control, and exploit all those below them without mercy. Any traitor to this class, Any Moses, Christ, Gandhi or Martin Luther King must die. All they really leave behind is a need for the rulers to come up with a new set of tricks.

Today’s Moses, Ben Laden, is the most wanted man alive. The difference between him and the original Moses is modern technology. He has forced the world to look closely at what is going on. He is raising the consciousness of the entire world to the next level. Big Brother can’t hide from all the eyes of the world.

As U.S. soldiers are sacrificed daily, the hypocrisy, fraud, lies, and policies of hate and destruction are exposed in color everywhere. All day, everyday.

The U.S. government (and its military) is apparently so afraid of Americas’ underclass they won’t even draft them. They seem afraid to arm them lest they attack Washington. The soldiers that are dying are hard working, educated men and women. They joined to get an education and a few extra dollars to raise their families with. They are now being led to slaughter to keep the rich safe from the poor. It is a prescription for disaster.

Ever watch the old "Ten Commandments" movie with Charlton Heston? You know the story. He was raised and educated by Pharaoh but did not share his sociopathic treatment of his slaves. At the end of the movie Edward G. Robinson, playing the overseer, the man who sold out his own people, wants only to take over the franchise from pharaoh.

Moses comes down from the Mountain looking like Ben Laden and demanding that people live in harmony. The overseer tells everyone to ignore this madman. Worship gold. Go shopping.

Do you want to know why Moses never made it to the Promised Land? I think he was killed. The movie ends without real explanation, other than everyone wandered for forty years or something. History shows that what the tribes actually did take from Egypt was their technology, and a new trick. Instead of multi Gods, one invisible God is all that is necessary to rule, along with a technological superiority in killing. Better weapons assure control by terror.

Even Ex-President Eisenhower tried to warn us against the military industrial complex. Until this deliberate cycle of terror and slaughter for profit stops, church and state sponsored slaughter will rule the world forever. Now that the United States has violated its own basic principals, the rule of law and the pledge to resolve disputes without violence, there is little hope left in a world where all rulers betray the trust of the ruled. A world where some live in castles, while their victims live on dirt, or not at all.

The United States has become the military arm of the British Empire. Tony Blair didn’t back Bush on Iraq. Bush backed Tony Blair. Ever since a bad wind blew the Spanish Armada away, the British Empire has terrorized the planet mercilessly. When King Henry VIII split the franchise with Rome andset up the Church-Bank of England, the hunger for blood doubled. That Empire has ruled the world for a thousand years by terror, violence, genocide, slavery and exploitation. It still does.

It is only superior technology, and the willingness to use it, that keeps the Empire on top. The current assault on the Middle East seeks to finally end the thousand- year old Crusades and prepare for the battle of the next millennia. East vs. West.

The textbook I used in my American National Government class at USF claims that technology has broken the ancient cycle of revolution. The cycle of taxing by force to build a bigger force, to tax more and more, until the poor storm the Bastille is over. The Bastille is now terrorist proof. It is revolutionary proof. Our rulers no longer fear us. Anyone who disagrees with the status quo is an enemy and a terrorist threat. The Constitution is ignored and even our best and brightest are expendable.

The Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) allows the Federal Government to shut this country down in fifteen minutes like a high security prison. The interstate system, copied from Hitler, is a military installation. A tank parked on top of every overpass on the Interstate would control movement. The intersections of Interstates are designed as military installations. If some imbeciles think that they will fight for freedom with their puny weapons they must not have seen smart bombs. C old dead hand. What a joke. Door to door confiscation of weapons is no problem. Read FEMA

I think this is the reason why. The top two (2) percent of the human race rule the world. The next five (5) percent down are the competent ones. They are the scientists, musicians, generals, great artists, writers and the like. These people are allowed to live and succeed only at the pleasure of the ruler. That makes up the lucky seven percent (7) you always hear about. You see it in the gambling halls of Vegas. Lucky seven. The house always wins and the suckers keep coming. Just like real life.

That leaves ninety-three (93) percent of the human race. These are the people who are ruled by fear, superstition, and terror. They seem not capable of processing information like the top seven (7) do. They die wondering why things are the way they are. They live on the hope that life is not just some bad cosmic joke, and that some "afterlife" will make up for the suffering, terror and death that life on Earth really is.

What a shame. Only those living in monuments to evil know heaven. Everyone else lives in hell and buys lottery tickets.

The smartest people obviously look at nature and do not feel guilt for killing or destroying the earth. They simply observe nature and understand what works and what doesn’t. They are pure pragmatists. They cannot possibly believe in, or fear, God or an afterlife. They know in their heart and head that each individual is his or her own god until death. After death there is nothing. Life is biochemical and temporary. Consciousness ends at death. The only afterlife is the nutrients your corpse leaves behind for the bugs to eat, and the genes in your offspring. The prime directive from nature is survive long enough to multiply and then live until something kills you. After that there is nothing.

Even those who claim to believe in God lie, cheat, steal, murder, and commit every crime known to man. I cannot be convinced that the Pope, anyone in power, or anyone profiting from the death and destruction it takes to support our way of life, could possibly believe in God, or heaven, or hell. If they did they could not live in splendor surrounded by the misery they deliberately create to maintain it. Peoples actions prove what they believe in, not their words. I don’t think even Dale Carnegie can repent for murdering his workers by building libraries, even if he was trying to hedge his bet against hell. I would have been one of his victims. I do not forgive him.


The greatest unanswered questions in history are still these.

1. If the top two percent of the population, those given the greatest gifts of intelligence, health, ability, talent and organizational skills, used their gifts to nurture and educate everyone to their maximum potential, would everyone, or even a majority of the people, willingly participate?

2. Do we all secretly want to be tyrants and devils like our ruling class and join in maintaining this insane fraud of civilization that uses terror and war to live like god?

3. Is the difference between the ruling class and the ruled an unwillingness to kill like they do?

4. Is that unwillingness to kill a weakness, or strength?

5. How do you get rid of entrenched killers without killing them?

6. Why don’t the billions of poor people swarm like ants over the castles of the rich and devour them? To turn their castles into hospitals and schools where the wealth created by the healthy and aged is shared and passed voluntarily to the young and the less gifted.

7. Is it education of the masses that will bring the cure? Or, like that scene at the end of the Ten Commandments, are humans so flawed that they choose to kill each other fighting for gold. Could they be just as easily led by decent, honest leaders to work together?

Socrates pondered the questions.

The Greek plays, the Greek Gods, The Greek legends were all efforts to teach, and hope that enlightenment would free people from fear and tyranny. So far we don’t know the answer.

We can now study the cultural anthropology of every culture, past and present. We can see what works and what doesn’t work. We can see that the six family systems on this planet were chiefly formed by environmental and economic necessity. We can see that even remote cultures that have worked peacefully for centuries can, have, are and will be exterminated by that two (2) percent that kill for money and power.

The Dali Lama is a prime example. While China exterminates the Tibetan culture, the cowards of the world watch.


The Romans took superior technology, organization, and a total contempt for human life to new levels. When they ran headlong into the revolutionary idea of respect for individual human rights, a new trick had to be invented. They ran into Jesus, the original liberal. He, like Moses, was educated at the temple and learned the tricks. The problem with Christ is that he was a traitor to his class. Like Moses he saw that worshipping human dignity and Gold simultaneously does not work.

History shows that his main disciple, Peter, took everything Christ preached against and brought it to the heart of Rome, where it still rules the World today through the Vatican Bank. The Vatican is, and has always been, the main repository and bank of the world’s tyrants. It is the greatest money-laundering machine in history.

My brother is an attorney. While in law school he did a study of the Vatican Bank. It seems that money laundering through the ages has mainly been handled by the Dominican Monks. The Federal Case of Alperin v. Vatican Bank clearly proves that the Orders of Friars Minor ("OFM"), founded by St. Francis of Assisi, was used in partnership with the Nazis to, "profit, aid and abet" in the crimes against humanity committed before and during World War II. They were the conduits to the Vatican. The Conqueror Worms of the modern era.

Any tyrant, drug dealer, or thug can deposit money through, the clergy, to the Vatican Bank. The going rate is two thirds for the Vatican, one third for the depositor. Withdrawal can be made anywhere, anytime. No questions asked. The Vatican Bank is connected everywhere. The Bank of England, The Bank of America, The Federal Reserve, and all the great banks that interrelate.

Our Judeo-Christian based system of laws and form of government is a total perversion of the message Christ was allegedly assassinated for spreading. He was a populist who wanted to expose the game. St. Peter sold him out. He took the moneylenders Jesus expelled from the temple, took them to Rome and founded the Vatican Bank. In time they convinced the Romans that the concept of one true God that must be obeyed (or he will torture you forever), teamed up with Caesar as his representative, amounted to the perfect control mechanism.

Not only are the masses terrorized into taxation and submission to corrupt authority, they are brainwashed into believing that if they apply the same rules their leaders use on them, they will go to prison here on Earth and Hell after that. Unbelievable.

If the God whose Commandments we claim to base our laws on says thou shall not kill, no government can be legitimate or claim authority from God if it kills. It is an oxymoron. No one can even claim to be a Christian if they possess any more material wealth than is necessary for family and community to thrive in true equality and peace. For the Vatican to continue to maintain its wealth and banking empire fed by the blood money of two thousand years makes them the Devil.

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are not sacred. Only Mother, Father and Child are Sacred. The Holy Ghost is the liar. The thief in the night. The hole in the apple. The hole in your back put thereby the priest. He is the Lord of the Manor that rapes your bride and kills your soul. That is the Holy Ghost. That is the Devil Himself.

Until the "Pope" is a woman, surrounded by her great-grandchildren, living on a working farm, and accepting no money, there is no hope.

The evil history of that criminal institution, with its eternal Inquisition, banking, and child molesting is the true legacy of that men’s club. It should be proof enough that if God exists, He would nuke the Vatican


The Amish come to mind. Buddhists come to mind. People, who can choose to live in peace if genocidal forces did not attack, exploit and destroy them as the British Empire does to all the indigenous people of the world.

No matter what culture has ever existed, the rules are the same. The Shoguns of Japan, the Emperors of China, The Kings and the Ayatollahs of the Middle East, African Chiefs, South American Indians (Aztecs and the Incas), or the European Nations. The list is endless. No matter where on Earth you look, the masses have always been controlled by terror, forced ignorance, treachery and superior technology. What separated East and West in the past was the dogged pursuit by the West of technological superiority to advance weaponry. Steel, gunpowder and science have been deliberately appropriated from everywhere on Earth, developed and used by the British Empire primarily to control, enslave and exploit the entire planet.

The path from Moses to Ben Laden is unbroken. It is an ongoing battle between those who want to live in golden palaces at the expense of everyone and those who want everyone to be fair, honest, nurturing and simply happy. The actions and consequences of the great historical figures create what the law calls a pattern of behavior. An ongoing criminal conspiracy against humanity that is still unfolding.

In modern times, Hitler tried to take the technological advantage. He never had a chance. His financing was controlled by his enemies. The Vatican Bank was never in danger. Hitler believed that German technology was superior enough to overtake Britain. He could not have been more wrong.


History shows that American Ambassador Kennedy prevented Churchill from assassinating Hitler in order to accomplish several goals. Allowing Hitler to proceed with his Holocaust served American and British banks very well. The Swiss banks didn’t do to bad either. Have you ever wondered why the Vatican and Switzerland were never bombed during any war, ever? That’s where tyrants keep their loot. What is sacred is not human flesh. It is only the bank that is sacred and cannot be bombed.

The loss of life, and destruction of the infrastructure of so much of the world, ended the depression in America and created the prosperity America enjoyed post war. The decimation of the Jews, Muslims and others, transferred a lot of wealth and power to Swiss banks, The Vatican, etc. Everyone worked with Hitler. American chemical companies sold him the gas.

The establishment of Israel set the stage for continuing the Crusades as we see today. Best of all, we had a reason to build a war machine that has never stopped growing and killing all over the world. We supply the weapons people like Saddam Hussein and Ben Laden use to do our killing by proxy. Then we vilify them, kill them and proclaim our greatness.

Of course it didn’t hurt Joe Kennedy that the King of England rewarded him with the famous scotch deal. His family is still living on that deal and apparently will forever. Can you imagine an Ambassador today receiving such a personal benefit while supposedly serving as a public servant? Crime does pay.

Hitler thought that modern technology, combined with the ancient system of slaughter and occupation, could work in a world of modern communications. He did not understand the British and American system of voluntary slavery.


The American Civil War was not a War Between the States. It was a war between Federal Authority and States rights. The Federal Government settled the dispute by convincing the southern politicians that they could actually lower labor costs by freeing the slaves, driving them off the plantation, and simply hiring labor as needed. The 1893 Supreme Court case (Plessey v. Ferguson) allowed the southern states their Jim Crow Laws that saw sixty years of terror, lynching and anything but the American dream. Reparations for blacks should not be based on slavery, but on the damages caused by the unconstitutional decision that brought about the nightmare of segregation. The Indians are being allowed to have gambling as reparations because they could successfully sue for every broken treaty. Blacks should declare the Ghettos reservations and put up casinos.

It was television that forced an end to that travesty. Watching big fat rednecks with badges letting their dogs chew little black kids was a bit much for mid-America. It will be the Internet that does the same thing for the rest of the world. Meanwhile, as the fraud of government by terror is exposed, the criminal psychopaths occupying the highest echelons of banking, political, corporate and religious hierarchy would like to park a virtual tank on every ramp to the information highway. It is impossible. It is the free dissemination of information, and exposure of their evil, that rulers have always feared. Their fears are becoming reality. Welcome them to Hell.

It has only been five hundred years since the invention of the printing press. The first thing the Church did with it was print Bibles and dispensations. They tried to hold down the spread of knowledge and information by any means possible. Martin Luther printed his essay, tacked it on the Vatican door, and passed it around. All he really did was split off another franchise.

We have five hundred years of documented evidence that information and ideas are the power that kills tyrants by exposing their game and their weaknesses. In order to stop the Internet, all electronic communication would have to be dismantled. That is impossible. As they say, the genie is out of the bottle and there is no return. There is no ignoring the death and destruction being fostered by war machines that are funded by bankers, oil cartels, corporate raiders, protected by religious nonsense, and supported by the ignorance of its victims. But how much longer can this terror fraud continue?

It is so biblical that the main focus of so-called terror is in Israel. Jerusalem should become a theme park. A museum dedicated to remembering the evil each of those three religions have inspired for thousands of years. They are monuments to the sociopathic, psychotic, murdering tyrants that have lived in splendor at the expense of legions of martyrs. As the castles and palaces of the world are monuments to evil, so are the Temples, Mosques and Cathedrals.


The real reason the Palestinians are not allowed sovereignty has to do with customs. Trade. Importing and exporting is what the fight is all about. Since Marco Polo, the West has been robbing, raping, and pillaging the East. From spices to oil, it has been a consistent and deliberate policy of divide and conquer. Iraq was three separate nations until Britain forced a unification that insured today’s divisions and wars. It is not accidental or a surprise. It is deliberate and things are right on schedule.

I worked in a customs clearing warehouse in Miami for an Israeli businessman. He is one of Israel’s top one hundred businessmen. This is what we did.

We had over thirty import, export offices set up in foreign ports where customs are as corrupt as here in the U.S. Israel was port number one. We used Panama, Caracas, Lima, Dubai, U.A.E., and on and on. These offices were set up as fronts in order to purchase American made goods (such as canned milk, cigarettes) at deep discounts for foreign markets. However, the goods never made it to the intended country. We would take possession of the goods at the customs warehouse in Miami and ship an empty container to the foreign port. Meanwhile the goods were sold to discount chains in America, such as Wal-Mart, with a slight savings passed to the American consumer.

The amount of profit is astounding. I shipped one container of Paul Mitchell shampoo purchased for$80,000.00 to X Discount Stores in Pittsburgh. X Discount Stores paid $250,000.00. That is $170,000.00profit in five minutes. We used the National Bank of Paris to transfer money. The container of shampoo shipped to Caracas was shipped empty.

The U.S. custom official on duty oversaw all of it. Of course, he is supposed to prevent such activity, not foster it. It is called gray market, but it is legal fraud. The Supreme Court upheld the practice (see the Quality King case).

When Americans buy these products they are being screwed twice. They already pay artificially inflated prices to support sales to developing countries where prices have to be low. These practices put all that profit into the hands of private individuals instead of being passed on to the poor of the world. That is why Israel exists as a nation under our protection. They aid and abet our criminal activities all over the world. Especially in the heart of the Muslim World. Israel is nothing more than our bastard child doing the dirty work and providing an endless excuse for a war on terror. Fraud.

The point is this. Sovereignty allows legal customs. Sovereignty for the Palestinians would allow them to import and export like Israel does. The United States has always used Israel to trans-ship banned weapons and other contraband. The Palestinians do not have the same opportunity to import goods, weapons or anything. That is the one really important issue the media ignores. Customs. That is what the Palestinians are not allowed to have.

This is not an issue that is discussed in the media. I would not have known had I not been a direct participant in the totally fraudulent transshipping of empty containers to corrupt ports, right from Miami, under the protection of U.S. Customs.


Think of the Pope as Pharaoh, Ben Laden as Moses, and Bush as the Overseer. We the people are now the slaves who possess the ultimate weapon. Information.

They are desperate. Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft, and Rumsfeld have become the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Unlike the prophecy of Armageddon, however, I believe they will disappear. They are not to be feared. They are in fear of us. Armageddon is meant for them. They and their co-conspirators are the ones who will disappear, not the good people of the world.


While studying Mass Communication (at USF) I learned that the public may own the airwaves in theory, but the massive amounts of money generated by the airwaves do not go to the people. The people have been removed from that part of the equation. That money generated by mass media could and should finance medical care and education. It should not allow politicians to sell their souls to criminals in order to funnel billions into private hands while turning American workers into third world peasants. It is a crime against the people, but the people do not know how to fix it. I didn’t know this until I spent twenty-four years in school, studied law, mass communications, and put my son and brother through law school.

Unfortunately, my theory holds that a majority of the population may be intellectually incapable of processing such complex information. With all the information available on the Internet for learning and research its main use today is pornography, games and gambling. It takes tremendous family and peer support, ability, years of time studying, and years of experiencing real life at the highest levels to be able to handle this truth. There may not be enough time to reverse the damage before the nukes fly.

It is yet to be seen what a world would look like if its leaders did not choose to profit from war but employed their great talents for the good of all. If the Ken Lays’ of the world are worth hundreds of millions of dollars for their organizational talents, what could they accomplish if they ran real companies that produced useful goods at a profit? Or isn’t that their real talent.

Why is one of Americas’ greatest heroes, and friend to the clueless consumer, Ralph Nadar, portrayed as a fool and object of ridicule by the media and both political parties? If either were legitimate they would hail him for making product safety what it is today. The current efforts to backslide on corporate responsibility and limit damages speak only to the contempt corporate and political leaders have for the consumer.

If life is sacred how in Heavens name could the medical system be so draconian that the Marquis de Sade would cringe? My wife died at age 46 because of Dow Chemical and bad medical care. We all know what a sick mess it is. Everyone in America should get the same medical care, at the same price, as Congress and the rest of those phonies. Anything less is a crime against humanity.


There is no problem with the American system of government as it is written on paper. The problem is the corruption that mocks it and has to ultimately destroy the Constitution and the dreams it inspires. The policies that are turning American workers into third world peasants are the only true treasonous activities going on today.

The great American Experiment of so called freedom and Democracy has always been a fraud. It is still a fraud. We have developed into a consumer-based economy that is unsustainable in its present form.

The natural aristocracy that Thomas Jefferson wrote about is being vilified and exterminated. For a man with the character of Ralph Nadar to be treated as he is in the media is proof that evil rules America. He is one of America’ greatest living heroes. The fact is that the very people whose lives have probably been saved by him aren’t even aware of it. Are they just stupid or purposely misinformed? I’m not sure.

I read an article in Wired Magazine (circa 1995) titled, "The Merry Pranksters". The article explained how Al Gore put a group of his more eccentric college buddies together who were proficient with computers. The team he helped initiate did develop the Internet. That article is easy to find and clearly shows that Gore was unduly ridiculed as having claimed he invented the Internet. No one person invented the Internet, but Al Gore was certainly an important catalyst in its creation. That is the kind of treatment a candidate who probably would not have started World War III gets from the corporate owned media.
Now we are losing good men everyday for all the wrong reasons. Are we there in such great numbers to keep everyone in the region at bay while we watch Israel try to exterminate the Palestinians? Do we expect them to sit and watch us attack their entire way of life while supplying the weapons of terror that allow all our hired warlords to slaughter them for us? I believe we will watch, in living color, more horror than Hell could ever promise.


The Soviet Union did not fall in 1989. The United States fell in 1989. We gave up any pretense of caring for human rights or maintaining the main premises of our legal system. That is, to resolve disputes without violence, and never initiate war.

We have proof that the Cuban Missile crisis was staged and America always conducted business with the Soviets despite the phony Cold War. It is evident after sixty years that the meeting at Malta set up an international scam that is still playing out. We certainly fought each other over territory using hired tyrants like any crime gang does, but the real enemy of any government is the governed. All Malta did was give Stalin and his successors time to develop technology using forced slave labor until things got ripe, like now.

Now the Russian people are supposed to be as free as we are. But in reality it is the same as the U.S. after the Civil War. They turned the slaves loose and told them to get a job. Good luck. Wage slaves are cheaper.


I am of Sicilian decent. I know organized crime when I see it. I have been involved in it with government officials, bankers, judges, lawyers, and many other public officials. I made millions of dollars before I was thirty by playing on the inside. I did road building and pipe installation a City in Florida. I was forced to pay off officials in order to get work. Bribes were not offered to public officials, they demanded them.

I have also been played by them and sent to Federal Prison for fighting back. I have worked day jobs. I’ve experienced life top to bottom and back again to the top. Currently I am retired and living very comfortably in a condominium on Clearwater Beach. My six children and four grandchildren are doing well. One son is a lawyer, as is my brother. His son is in his last year of law school and a daughter is just starting.

I tell you this for a reason. We understand that the United States is becoming a true police state. When one lives in a police state it is best to be a cop. It was the result of being horribly abused by criminals in official positions that forced us to achieve a level of competence that will allow us to join them. That’s right. It is evident that in order to maintain our status quo we are going to have to participate in the eternal slaughter. The war on terrorism is a war on poor people. It will take a long time and a strong stomach to kill them all. I do not want my golden grandchildren to live any other way than like the Gods – no matter what or who has to die.


Watch the end of the movie, "The Ten Commandments". When Moses comes down from the mountain he looks and sounds like Ben Laden. The Overseer (played by Edward G. Robinson) is conducting a drunken orgy around a golden idol. He shouts, "Ignore that fool". He tells the crowd to kill Moses and keep on partying. He looked and sounded just like George Bush after 911shouting, "go shopping and bring me that man’s head on a platter".

Where is moderation?

The problem for the ruling elite today is that after several thousand years of being killed, today’s Moses is high tech and pissed. Today’s Moses, Ben Laden, like the first one, was trained on the inside. The fact that he is still alive, and apparently still active, is proof that big brother is impotent. The fact that Saddam is still alive and apparently still fighting is very telling. All of the oil company-government projects won’t be worth a damn if things escalate, as they appear to be doing.

A message from Ben Laden to Bush should be, "Big Brother, you’re not watching me, I’m watching you. Everybody is watching you. Everybody is watching everybody. That’s the true Eyes of God. The eyes of all the people of the planet watching you butcher your own best and brightest".

Modern technology has made it to easy to kill. Unless a way to live in a world without a giant war machine is found life won’t really be worth living.

American corporations, with the purchased cooperation of government, create a system that now forces husband and wife to work, as well as the kids, just to barely survive. Even the dog is looking for work. It is voluntary slavery. MacDonald’s could not afford to own their employees as real slaves. They would have to feed, cloth, shelter, and provide them real medical care, including dental. Instead, at even $10.00 (ten dollars) an hour, it is impossible for any individual to support even one person properly, much less a family.

It is only hope that keeps the game going, even if it is only false hope, or just a chance to win the lottery. The biggest trick of all is how well our government, corporate leaders, and religious leaders keep up the lie and manage to maintain the support of the voluntarily slave class. Brilliant, but hope is almost gone.


The recall election in California could be a sign of the beginning of the awakening of the population to the possibility of getting rid of corrupt politicians at will. They have always had the power. They need the will and the means. If Arnold is unsuccessful because he runs up against forces he doesn’t understand, or even want to believe, what comes next? How long do the upper two percent think people will watch them live better and better while their sons and daughters are fed to the war machine? If Arnold is a fraud, and the student of Hitler he once claimed to be, he knows how Hitler was used and who used him.

If Arnold really is a populist, and is crushed like all those populists before him, what comes next?

I can’t wait to see. It’s not that Big Brother is watching us. Who cares? What George Orwell did not foresee was the reverse. We are watching big brother. The idiot can’t hide anymore.

The true terrorist is not that Palestinian lawyer who strapped explosives around her broken heart and shared her nightmare with her enemies. That is the only weapon she had available to fight the devils sitting on the throne of the Vatican, in Mecca, on every seat of government, and corporate board. Her people cannot legally import weapons. Her people cannot have Sovereign independence. Her people represent the weakest members of the opposing religious gang. If they can be eliminated with impunity, the war machine of the Western World will eliminate everyone.

The Vatican financed and American made war machine is the terrorist devil of all humanity. It is the sales of U.S. weaponry that provides the means of murder for profit all over the planet. America produces more weapons than the next dozen countries put together. It is the disarming of the world that has to happen before the carnage stops.

The only weapon we need in a modern world is a fly swatter. Children can be raised with one in mom’s hand. Pests can be swatted. Anyone who wants to do any more harm than that doesn’t need to be here.

We are in Heaven. We are in Hell. This is all there is. It’s time for the murderers of the world to be driven from the Garden of Eden. The Unholy Ghosts. Those Skull and Bones "public servants" who work only to insure that their families’ power and treasure last forever, no matter how many of you they have to kill.

Until the masses realize, accept, and care that the man sitting on that throne in the Vatican is a criminal and a fraud, financing, protecting and profiting from the most evil empire ever, they will keep being killed by the people they worship and vote for.

Rule by terror cannot survive the information age.


The Devils’ greatest trick is having people worship him as God while he lives in splendor. The Pope is the Anti-Christ He feeds on fear and ignorance and shares his treasure with his co-conspirator demons in the churches, governments, and corporate boardrooms. If Jesus were alive today he would throw that demon off that throne and return all that treasure to the descendants of all the victims of their treachery. That Polish Pope must be being rewarded for helping to send all those Polish gold teeth to the Vatican Bank. I think he is still alive because he is afraid to die. He can’t be sure that the ghosts of those Polish Angels his Church helped round up and fry won’t be waiting to chew on him for Eternity. (see: Alperin v Vatican Bank, No.C99-4941 MMC)


Think Christmas. The first lesson a Christian child learns from its parents is the Santa Claus lie. By six or seven years old children become aware that they have been lied to by their parents. There is no Santa Claus. There is no magic other than being alive. They also learn that if they keep the lie going and don’t reveal their knowledge they can keep up the ruse. As long as everyone maintains the lie with an unspoken wink and nod, the game goes on. That is the first message. That is training a child to be evil.

That’s why whistleblowers are destroyed. They break the secret adult conspiracy. They reveal the man behind the curtain. Game over. They have to be destroyed to teach the cowards a lesson.

We lie to ourselves. Lying is the way we allow our psychopathic, murdering leaders to keep the game going. We train our children from birth to live the lie and covet material wealth. Without Christmas shopping our consumer based economy (that only consumes the consumer) would fail.


The Pentagon papers and Watergate document the duplicity we live under. Henry ("deep throat"- war criminal) Kissinger, after setting up the phony oil embargo and setting the stage for today’s Mid-East crisis, managed to get rid of Nixon. Nixon had to go. His agenda, if you research what he did, was actually populist. His decision to work with China was not on the agenda of the Vatican bankers. They prefer another thousand years of division and conflict. Nixon could have ruined that. He paid the price.

I was in the construction business during Nixon’s term. I hated OSHA. Nixon pushed it. It cost us money to care about the safety of our workers. I didn’t care about people who couldn’t stretch a paycheck for a week. They’re morons. I had a seventeen-year-old baby blonde secretary and a new Jaguar XKE to care about.

My banker was corrupt. My lawyers were corrupt. My County Commissioners were corrupt. The State Attorney’s main job was to protect the criminals in public office and punish their enemies. The whole system runs on duplicity. The only real legacy of Watergate is turning illegal bribery into legal campaign contributions. The legislature can make anything legal or illegal.

I took a dozen ethics courses in college. Ethical is what you want the other guy to be. I laughed when I read my first disclosure statement. It allowed politicians to accept money as long as they publicly claim that it has no influence on their vote. It still makes me laugh. To bad it’s so tragic.


The Church of Scientology here in Clearwater Florida has been a delight to watch and learn about. In an American History class I read a book called, "City of Quartz". It details, with footnotes, the history of Los Angeles, California. The science fiction writer, Ron Hubbard, founded his Church organization taking advantage of the church-state union to bedevil the IRS. The Scientologists I have observed for thirty years are regular people trying to maximize their potential in spite of the artificial barriers put in place by our system of fraud. He understood these games as well as I do. The book also details the struggles of immigrants, minorities, the movie industry, and the military connection that made California and America what it is today. The Los Angeles police have always terrorized minorities as policy. Rodney King on tape only revealed the obvious.

Another book, "Eight Hours For What We Will", details the labors struggle for an 8 hour day, the evolution of alcohol and drug laws, the development of mass media as a propaganda tool, and much more. Read it. You will understand why we are where we are.

J. Edgar Hoover, that evil gnome, drove Charlie Chaplin, out of the country for using film to expose the fraud of American freedom. The F.B.I., the goon squad of the ruling elite, is still rotten. Despite constant revelations of incompetence and criminal behavior, the agency is still an instrument of terror used against U.S citizens. As are all police forces.

The newspaper article below (circa 1977) is one of many that appeared over a period of years. The situation described in the article is the reason my brother, son, nieces and nephews are already attorneys, or on their way.

Being an attorney in America is equivalent to being a Knight of the Round Table. Knights were a privileged class that did the dirty work for the king. Lawyers do the same for the President

The compliance of all those individuals in government positions who remain silent makes them co-conspirators in the terror used to advance America today. It is incumbent on the decent people of the world to demand that the representative of God in the Vatican Bank open the books and divest. It will take a century to repair the damage and use the resources of technology to enhance life and not deliberately destroy it.

Most Americans are frightened of the American Government and need their relatives all over the world to unite in a demand for an end to the obvious criminal takeover of all the governments of the world, starting with the Government of the United States.

Do not threaten or harm. Demand that they live like we do. Work and live modestly. Be grateful for the Gifts and blessings you have and share them with those less fortunate.

I want to see Prince Charles learn to shoe the horses his wife, Princess Diana, rode. It is more than he deserves and probably more than he is capable of.