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An Ode to a Gambler – (Poem)

Companionship must be savory
It must be nice to sit idly and talk
Of simply nothing
To the tune of beetles chirping,
Lilacs blooming,
Night darkening, moon gathering.

Hallelujah, Phil’s Back

"War is not glamorous - it is not romantic- and it is not necessary. In war there are no winners. War is hell. Just ask Tomas Young."

Things are changing in the Arab vs. Israeli Military Dynamic

"The military dynamics have changed forever and the situation will never be the same."

No Crocodile Tears Over Current Episode of Anonymous News Sources

"If the suspicions of Ms. Plame's husband prove to be correct, Karl Rove, engaged in political payback of the lowest order in revealing state secrets about Ms. Plame's employment in government service. Protecting Karl Rove as an anonymous source creates journalistic sleaze or a form of "embedded-ness" between mainstream journalists and muckraking, lawbreaking political operatives."

Michael Jackson Case Reaffirms Fatal Flaw of Prosecutors

"The jury did not find Michael Jackson innocent of child molestation charges; they found him not guilty by virtue of reasonable doubt. And there WAS reasonable doubt because the prime witnesses discredited themselves and their case self-destructed in plain view of the jury."



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