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Spinning – (Poem)

Soon, the lamb’s wool would be all turned into thread
And she would then weave a carpet of red, gold, and indigo

U.S. Should Revoke Citizenship of Hate-mongers like O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity

"They call for actions that are un-American. They seem to despise the U.S. Constitution and all that it stands for.

The Massacre in Hebron: Who will mourn and who will celebrate?

"What makes this event more horrific, besides the fact that it was a vicious attack on unarmed worshippers in a sacred place of prayer, is that every year since, Israelis have celebrated this day with gaiety and praise for Baruch Goldstein whom they consider a hero, but who is in reality a terrorist and cold-blooded murderer. Is this the ilk of heroes today?"

Israel & Iraq

"In 1948 Americans could go in peace anywhere in the Muslim world. Today the opposite is true - courtesy of America’s being a lackey of the State of Israel."

Ten Reasons to Fire President George W. Bush :: Satire ::

"And, finally, the No. 10 reason, President George W. Bush should be fired is:

Every few months, he lets his dog Barney run the country!"



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