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America’s Fear is totally misdirected

"When Americans finally realize their economy is built on quicksand, that the working men and women were exploited in order to secure obscene riches for the few, and then to be discarded when the scheme collapses, then it will be too late. The government will have tightened the noose and democracy will be a thing of the past."

Chernoff Needs to Sleep Overnight in New Orleans Convention Center

"...it is not too late, let's send those proud agency heads down to those facilities post-evacuation and let them spend a couple of nights in the evacuated facilities with nothing to eat or drink and forced to stay in squalor, and maybe the response moving forward will improve."

"Who Needs a Jewish State?" – Inquiring Minds want to Know

"...I am flabbergasted that this degree of racism is sanctioned by the guardians of democracy in the 21st century."

Ten Reasons to Fire President George W. Bush :: Satire ::

"And, finally, the No. 10 reason, President George W. Bush should be fired is:

Every few months, he lets his dog Barney run the country!"



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