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A Death on Valentine Street

"How ironic it is, that the nation that thinks of itself as the most compassionate, has so many who live in isolation. Other countries seem to be far more sensitive to the needs of the elderly - and the young. As a society, we in the United States have a lot to learn."

Israel again flouts international law in snubbing Tutu

"...most human rights observers believe that the "kangaroo" approach by Israel has effectively swept the horrors of Beit Hanoun under the carpet."

Edward Said would be Proud of the Palestinian People Once Again!

"There is hope for peace, based not on Palestinian weakness and despair, but on Palestinian resolve, strength, and resilience despite the greatest of odds."

Beware of Professional Politicians with Plans

"The only firm principle I can see in Kerry is to grab for power and promise anything to achieve it. Kerry takes polling more seriously than policy analysis."



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