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The prisoners’ case, a reflection on the conflict

"Palestinians are looking for the day when all prisoners are released not in an exchange that is forced on Israel but rather as a result of making the wrong right, ending the occupation and allowing for an independent Palestinians state alongside a safe and secure Israel."

Rohingyas’ return to Myanmar

"Why the Myanmar people have to leave their country in search of livelihood or as political refugees is difficult to understand."

This Bad Era Will Soon Be Over

"What is sad, however, is that American politics has stooped so low that a Muslim and Arab or a Palestinian are dismissed not for what they say or what they do but for who they are. Rashid Khalidi's sin is not whether he is or is not a spokesman of the PLO -- his real sin is that he is an American of Palestinian origin that presidential nominee Barack Obama knew."

Palestinian Nation, Cherokee Tribe

"Before you slave to white man of God son, now white man slave to you. You taste and like revenge but you kill weak people not strong white man."

Edward Said would be Proud of the Palestinian People Once Again!

"There is hope for peace, based not on Palestinian weakness and despair, but on Palestinian resolve, strength, and resilience despite the greatest of odds."



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