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Victory in Superdelegates Fight Means: Grassroots Can Win

When members of the Democratic National Committee voted to take power away from themselves and other “superdelegates” -- removing their leverage over the presidential...

Hype Versus Reality

Fifty years ago, when I was getting started in national politics, Ibrahim Abu Lughod, a friend and mentor, offered words of wisdom I never...

That Would Be Really Hard

"I don't care if you donate a lot of money to charity, or not.  I don't even care if you pay your taxes. I don't care about your religious beliefs. I don't care if you cheat on your husband - none of my business. I don't care if you feed your kids Twinkies for breakfast.  I care only about the domestic and foreign policy that you support.  People die every day because of those policies. I might believe that you care about us, if you ever resign from the Republican/Democratic Party, but I know that that would be really hard. ""

Bushlexia: Protecting the Citizenry while Defeating the Constitution

"Bush wants to merge the branches by installing Federal judges who expand executive power. Bush tries to expand executive power on his own. And when Congress passes legislation that tends to curb executive power in order to protect the liberties and rights of the citizenry, Bush ignores the legislation or attempts to circumvent the legislative branch by inappropriate means. He does so in the alleged name of security."

If the Federal Government was handled Like a Business…

"Think about how more efficient they could be in reaping returns for their investors. Both parties are unable to reign in corporate greed and corruption, and depend heavily on corporate largess to win political races."



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