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Saudi Spin Doctoring on Yemen Unravels as World Demands Justice For...

Finally, the devastation in Yemen caused by Saudi Arabia's unrelenting war, seems to have caught the attention of America's mainstream media. This dramatic turnaround from...

Why doesn’t Obama call for Transfer of Illegal Settlements to Palestinians?

"Instead of calling for a cessation of construction of new outposts, Barack Obama should be demanding a total withdrawal of Israeli citizens and military from Palestinian lands to the 1967 borders, leaving Israeli "improvements" intact for the use of the Palestinian people as they see fit."

Emerging standard for Supreme Court nomination — personal views irrelevant

"Judges are politicians now and politicians do not necessarily like it."

Wolfie nomination jeopardizes Palestinian Right of Return

"As head of the World Bank, Wolfie will be able to implement an elaborate plan designed to "rehabilatate" and "compensate" these refugees in ways that can only be described as deceitful, for the outcome will be based on relinquishing the Right of Return."




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