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Voterism: A Government for The New Millennium

"A voter centric government is one that is founded upon the belief that a free society depends upon the handwritten selection of representatives by voters who use hand-counted paper ballots and who celebrate all national elections with a paid voting holiday....A voterist believes a votocracy created and controlled by individual voters is the most favorable form of government....Voterism is not a political party.  Rather, it is a way for independently-minded and concerned voters of every political persuasion to think for themselves....As our rapidly-changing world spins into a new millennium, and the older forms of governments are using new forms of technology to become more repressive of and less responsive to their electors, isn’t it time for all of us to consider a modification in how we organize for the common good?"

Gender Equity is Part of Islam

"Throughout Islamic history, Muslim women expressed their opinions freely, participated in serious discussions with the Prophet Muhammad as well as with other leaders of the times. Muslim women have been elected leaders of their countries and serve in all levels of public offices."

Bush spills the beans in his response to Reid

"For once, George W. Bush told the truth, and the U.S. mainstream media has completely missed it."

Truancy vs. De-Schooling

"The causes of truancy are complex and challenging. The truants find schools boring and have no interest in learning."

A letter to the culture that raised me

"With my veil I put my faith on display—rather than my beauty. My value as a human is defined by my relationship with God, not by my looks. So I cover the irrelevant. And when you look at me, you don’t see a body. You view me only for what I am: a servant of my Creator."



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