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US elections 2010: Learning from defeat

"Obama has nothing to lose now by sticking to his principles. He can still rally Americans by pushing ahead with arms control and climate change measures, carrying through on his vow to end the war in Afghanistan next year, pressuring Israel to abide by international norms, thereby showing the Washington beltway cabal for what it is."

Elections Are a Waste of Time — If…

"Elections are a waste of time if you don’t realize or care that the powerful forces behind Wall Street and the warfare state are thrilled if progressives retreat from electoral battles."

Harper; Heading for a majority? Don’t jump to conclusions yet

"...there is a ray of hope that could rescue Canada even from another Conservative minority government; and that is for the Liberals and NDP to form a coalition. In the last Parliament, the seats held by both opposition parties totaled far more than those held by the Conservatives."

Losing Control — the Unraveling of the U.S. Empire

"...the U.S. no longer has its former industrial base. The people and their government are heavily in debt. The dollar is weak and stands the prospect of losing its status as the world's reserve currency."

US should lead Iran by example — Stop Enriching Uranium, Stop...

"Iran is not a real threat to America, but in the interest of world peace, it would be right and proper for the U.S. to insist that Iran follow our own example in divesting from any nuclear arms program. The U.S. can start first by opening up all its production and design facilities to UN inspection, and then beginning the serious process of de-arming itself and teaching the world how to put the atomic genie back in the bottle by eliminating the entire stockpile of nuclear arms."



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