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Why Mental Illness is not to blame for the Virginia Tech...

"Learning the facts about the true association between violent behavior and mental illness is a necessary and important first step in developing a realistic understanding of why some people choose to commit senseless acts of violence against others."

No Palestinian Prison state until 2009

"...it will be 2009 before the US is able to mount enough pressure to coerce Israel to make necessary compromises with the Palestinians, and bring an end to the protracted dispute."

Buildings formerly known as synagogues

"The recent controversy over the buildings in ex-Gaza settlements can also be considered a crisis created for political reasons. The two sides had earlier agreed that Israel would leave intact only buildings or assets that the Palestinian side would be in need of and would agree to take over. But at the last minute, Israel decided to leave behind these buildings, a move perceived by the Palestinian side as an attempt at embarrassing the Palestinian Authority, which would have difficulty protecting them and difficulties if it failed to protect them."

Future Storms May be More Destructive

"We need prudent government now more than ever before, and unfortunately, it is a term totally unfamiliar with Bush the Lesser and his crowd. Governance without prudence moving forward is a disaster in the making."

Dr. Edward Said – Illuminator Extraordinaire

"He was an extraordinary source of illumination -- making truths obvious that otherwise would have been hidden in the haze, the fog, or the deliberate concealment by those who profited and prospered from the darkness."



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