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May we never, ever become like them

"Israel today is slowly eroding from the inside and it is partially because there are settlers who draw no moral lines and a government which allows them to do so because it serves their long term goals. The Palestinians today are demanding a state of their own, one they rightfully deserve. Israel’s settlers are expected to fight this state tooth and nail because of some twisted and racist logic that says this land is for Jews only."

Democrats Boosting Right-Wing Populism

"If we want more progressive officeholders, then elections are part of the process: beginning with Democratic primaries this year. Support genuine progressive candidates -- and if you don’t see any, maybe you should do some recruiting. There’s no time to lose."

Allama Iqbal — Is The Sky Yours or Mine? (Poetry)

It’s this star, scintillating, that lights your creation.
Whose loss is it – the fall of Man? Is it yours or mine?

The Death of Robert McNamara

"An estimated three million Vietnamese were killed, many of them suffering horrible deaths from Napalm and early versions of cluster bombs."

Poised at the (Final) Tipping Point

"What we are seeing is the all-out effort to preserve human institutions, such as banks and corporations, whose reason for existence is out of whack with human sustainability on the planet. The financial system exists to enhance wealth and profit and economic growth and usually at the expense of natural "institutions", such as ecosystems, species, and even whole planetary realms, such as the global climate. We think nothing of putting the polar bear at risk, but go all out to save Wachovia."



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