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A Mad Tea Party

"The next targets are social security and all other social welfare programs, including unemployment insurance, and free public education. The burden of taxation has already been shifted to workers, the middle class and small business owners, and now the people are being convinced that they cannot afford the very programs that most benefit themselves. Sheer madness!"

Nothing left of Canada’s political culture

"The problem is that Canada’s political spectrum, like that of the U.S., has shifted so far to the right that rational debate and informed opposition have become delegitimized. We used to speak of “right-wing” and “left-wing” to describe political differences, but in the absence of a political centre “right” and “left” have no meaning. “Left” and “leftist” have now become epithets used to stigmatize and delegitimize those who oppose extremist “right-wing” dogmata."

Israeli pressure must be resisted

"...Jerusalem can be an open city and at the same time the capital of two states, a home to both Palestinians and Israelis and with free access between east and west...In such a case, Jerusalem, now one of the main causes of friction and violence between Palestinians and Israelis, could instead become a prime example of reconciliation, peace and coexistence."

Israel again flouts international law in snubbing Tutu

"...most human rights observers believe that the "kangaroo" approach by Israel has effectively swept the horrors of Beit Hanoun under the carpet."

Pakistani Overtures to Israel remain locked in Detente

"...by turning a blind eye to the draconian nature of Musharraf's reign, the rewards for the neo-con establishment far exceed the imperatives of a free society. They recognise that the arbitrary nature of their unilateralism as the only game to play allows military leaders such as Musharraf to follow suit."



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