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The Semantics of Terrorism, Guerilla Warfare, Enemy Combatants, and War for...

"Business is very good these days in the "war on terror", though the human cost is very high."

No Palestinian Prison state until 2009

"...it will be 2009 before the US is able to mount enough pressure to coerce Israel to make necessary compromises with the Palestinians, and bring an end to the protracted dispute."

A symptom more than a cause

"Judging by the status of checkpoints in other occupation situations in the region and the world--the latest example is the American and British occupation in Iraq-- Israeli checkpoints are probably no worse, and indeed may be more efficient at their task, than the occupation "norm".

The Irrational Rationale for Continuing the Iraq Occupation

"The later the withdrawal, the greater the sacrifice and the more enormous the suffering of all involved. There is no rational reason for America to remain in occupation of Iraq."

Who Was Really Disingenuous – Michael Moore or John McCain ?

"Disingenuous is George W. Bush speaking of extending freedom and democracy to Iraq while suppressing and thwarting it in Florida and across the homeland."



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