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What About Weinstein’s Public Offenses?

Harvey Weinstein, I’ve just read, is “the disgraced Pulp Fiction producer.” But isn’t someone who encourages millions of people to think of murder and torture as...

Exposing Israel’s war crimes is child’s play

“Did Israel’s enemies kill all those people in Gaza? I saw some scary pictures on the Internet and people say that Israel did it. Hundreds of children died, some of them in hospitals. Did Israel attack hospitals, Bozo Bernie?”

-- Third Boy

Comparing the New Orleans "Insurgency" with Fallujah

"Iraqis are treated the way the U.S. Army treated some American Indians in the Old West, with no concern for safety of innocents. One American officer said in those days, "Nits make lice", and turned the automatic rifles and artillery on a native village with no compassion and no remorse."

No Crocodile Tears Over Current Episode of Anonymous News Sources

"If the suspicions of Ms. Plame's husband prove to be correct, Karl Rove, engaged in political payback of the lowest order in revealing state secrets about Ms. Plame's employment in government service. Protecting Karl Rove as an anonymous source creates journalistic sleaze or a form of "embedded-ness" between mainstream journalists and muckraking, lawbreaking political operatives."

The Last Crusade?

"I had been disinclined to believe all the talk on neo-con American radio talk-shows that that Islam was at war with the West because they hated our prosperity and way of life, to paraphrase George Bush."



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