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Contributing to transparency

"There was a difference, however, in the public's perception of the Wikileaks and al-Jazeera documents, respectively. While Wikileaks simply presents its documents as they are, leaving to the public (among them journalists, leaders, academics and politicians) to draw different and sometimes contradictory conclusions and feeding a healthy public debate, al-Jazeera went further than that."

Waiting expectantly

"The US administration will now face the inevitable contradiction between its refreshingly strong insistence that Israel stop all settlement expansion and the continuous construction underway in the settlements--nails driven in place and cement poured at the very moments that Obama was speaking. In other words, the credibility of the US president is on the line in the region--first and foremost over the issue of Israeli settlements."

Making its own bed

"...the nature and level of torture that prisoners are subjected to is multiplying the number of implacable enemies of Israel not only among those with first hand experience but also among their relatives and friends."

Inclusion means progress

"From a Palestinian perspective, one of the main objectives of holding these elections is to include organized and influential opposition groups within the political system."

The Defensive Shield of Lies and Deflections

"The Bush junta is pulling strings in Baghdad and in Washington, with a compliant press corps who has completely forgotten the art of verification and healthy suspicion of facts and motives."



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