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Nothing left of Canada’s political culture

"The problem is that Canada’s political spectrum, like that of the U.S., has shifted so far to the right that rational debate and informed opposition have become delegitimized. We used to speak of “right-wing” and “left-wing” to describe political differences, but in the absence of a political centre “right” and “left” have no meaning. “Left” and “leftist” have now become epithets used to stigmatize and delegitimize those who oppose extremist “right-wing” dogmata."

Fashion Week or Fashion Weak?

"The sad fact is the only place you can wear a fur is shopping and specifically shopping for a new fur."

Saddam on trial: small fry face justice of sorts as big...

"The unfortunate reality is that Saddam is being tried not for reasons of justice, or to uncover the extent of his crimes, but to provide a gloss of legitimacy for the US’s occupation of Iraq and the political order it is establishing there to defend its interests in the post-Saddam period."

South Africa’s anti-terror laws out of sync with democracy

"Now that the Financial Intelligence Centre has unleashed its campaign of public notices through a blitz of newspaper adverts on "Reporting Obligations of Terrorist Financing", the maze looks more intimidating. If I were in Iraq, I would easily have mistaken it for the endless list of commandments enacted by US President Bush's envoy Paul Bremer."

The Spirit of Smokesylvania

"Will the current torture expose derail the Bush re-election campaign? Possibly. But Bush's handlers are taking no chances and Bush has imposed a series of sanctions on Syria--at exactly the time he should be pursuing closer ties in order to resolve the Iraq quagmire. By the time Kerry (if elected) is sworn in, the "Greater Mid East" region could be on the brink of a more widespread and irreversible conflict."



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