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It’s good to talk

"Those who see negotiations as the only viable way to peace in Israel and Palestine have to join forces and coordinate efforts. But this needs the effective and pro-active encouragement of the international community. The international community recently and effectively played exactly such a role and should be encouraged by its success to expand its efforts in this regard."

The only good news is disengagement

"Five years of intifada appear to have persuaded a majority of Israelis to readjust their strategic outlook: to prefer demography to geography, unilateralism to negotiations, strategic consolidation to strategic depth."

"Self-Fulfilling Prophecies"

"The result is a US which is less safe, an increased number of people angry with the US, and control of the Iraqi Oil Fields in the hands of the people who paid for Bush’s presidency. Similar fabrications may very well be used to justify the use of Nuclear Weapons which have the added benefit of destroying any evidence."

$600 Million More for P.R. in Iraq?

"They have captured most of the key scientists and none of them seems to have knowledge that could break open the case. If the key scientists have scant knowledge of such programs, then who does?"



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