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Getting Out of Palestine?

"If Israel persists in its present policies of imposing apartheid in the West Bank, of strangulating Gaza, of carrying out carpet bombing of undefended Arab populations, it will continue to lose the liberal segments of its population to emigration....Should this happen, Israel would face a shrinking Jewish population, drained of much of its talent, consisting of mostly right-wing Jewish zealots, angry, nervous, and with their fingers on triggers that could launch some 200 nuclear weapons at targets in the Middle East and perhaps beyond."

Horn of Africa: Latest Victim of ‘War on Terror’

"What these spin doctors won't reveal is the fact that by disregarding multilateral institutions such as the African Union, the Bush administration has ulterior motives in igniting a war in the Horn of Africa."

Political Hemorrhaging

"Time will tell what the Israeli public's reaction will be and who they think should be the next leader of their state. Palestinians and the rest of the world will be watching closely as well to see what direction the Holy Land will be headed."

At the Gates of San Quentin

"From San Quentin to Iraq, death is a goal of policy."

Is the U.S. Media Objective? :: A view from the Middle...

"One of the major lobbies that leads the mainstream media is the corporations, especially those that produce weapons."



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