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The Dangers of Political Arrogance

"For the sake of the Americans, the hope is that not many will listen to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney either. Another extremely arrogant and often inaccurate politician, Romney puts his foot in his mouth time and time again because he thinks he is over and above just about every other American politician, including President Obama."

Rohingyas’ return to Myanmar

"Why the Myanmar people have to leave their country in search of livelihood or as political refugees is difficult to understand."

Waiting expectantly

"The US administration will now face the inevitable contradiction between its refreshingly strong insistence that Israel stop all settlement expansion and the continuous construction underway in the settlements--nails driven in place and cement poured at the very moments that Obama was speaking. In other words, the credibility of the US president is on the line in the region--first and foremost over the issue of Israeli settlements."

Whistleblowers: Fired, silenced… and killed

"Reality is that most people never get into a situation such as the one Sherron Watkins, David Graham or Alexander Livinenko found themselves in. Most people silently agree to do whatever their company bosses, party bosses or government tells them to do, and look the other way when things get ugly. Commit a few illegal accounting tricks, fine. Let the public die because drugs are unsafe, no problem. Kill a big-mouth oligarch, hey if you’re in the KGB, that’s what you do, right? This is a great strategy for survival but it is certainly not a path to bravery."

Making its own bed

"...the nature and level of torture that prisoners are subjected to is multiplying the number of implacable enemies of Israel not only among those with first hand experience but also among their relatives and friends."



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