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Many still question Megrahi conviction in bombing of Pan Am 103

"So far as this writer has seen, no American newspaper has mentioned that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission ruled that Megrahi may have suffered a miscarriage of justice—a finding that presumably remains valid despite Megrahi's release from prison on compassionate grounds. Yet, the Washington Post article writes that "the case remains open despite Megreahi's conviction."...The heavy lethargy of the American media on Lockerbie includes no word that many outstanding Britons who lost relatives or friends in the Lockerbie crash do not believe that Megrahi is guilty. If members of "Justice for Megrahi," who obviously think he is not guilty, could possibly arrange a discussion with Moussa, it could clear up a lot of questions. Depending on Koussa's answers, it could reopen the question of who really bombed Pan Am 103."

Journalists’ Killings: Justice eludes in India’s Assam

"Working in insurgency stricken Assam, which publishes nearly 25 morning daily newspapers and supports 6 local satellite news channels is increasingly becoming dangerous for working journalists. The ongoing insurgency and unrest among the youth of this region, where over 15 armed outfits have been fighting New Delhi on various demands varying from sovereignty to self-rule, put tremendous challenges on the journalists based in the State."

Gender Equity is Part of Islam

"Throughout Islamic history, Muslim women expressed their opinions freely, participated in serious discussions with the Prophet Muhammad as well as with other leaders of the times. Muslim women have been elected leaders of their countries and serve in all levels of public offices."

44 Years Later, LBJ’s Ghost Hovers Over the 44th President

"Escalation of a crazy war will make it crazier. Pretending otherwise will not make it any less insane -- or any less destructive."

An Islamic predicament

"The concern among Islamic groups is how much bloodshed this will take and how many innocent lives will be lost in the process. If the tactics remain extreme and the resistance claims too many innocent lives, the eventual success of the Iraqi resistance may be seen as having come about not because of, but in spite of the Islamic groups."



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