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Many still question Megrahi conviction in bombing of Pan Am 103

"So far as this writer has seen, no American newspaper has mentioned that the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission ruled that Megrahi may have suffered a miscarriage of justice—a finding that presumably remains valid despite Megrahi's release from prison on compassionate grounds. Yet, the Washington Post article writes that "the case remains open despite Megreahi's conviction."...The heavy lethargy of the American media on Lockerbie includes no word that many outstanding Britons who lost relatives or friends in the Lockerbie crash do not believe that Megrahi is guilty. If members of "Justice for Megrahi," who obviously think he is not guilty, could possibly arrange a discussion with Moussa, it could clear up a lot of questions. Depending on Koussa's answers, it could reopen the question of who really bombed Pan Am 103."

The Travesty of Selective American Outrage over Military Murders

"There is no profound sense of outrage by the American public or by its president over American military murders of Iraqis or other non-Americans around the world. But President Obama and various congress people have stated in the Ft. Hood aftermath that ALL Americans are outraged and hurt by American military fratricide. Why the discrepancy?"

Spies, Spies Everywhere, and Not a Trial in Sight

"Charges of obstruction of justice and espionage--the latter of which, under certain circumstances, would call for the death penalty--were dropped against Kadish. But Kadish is 85 years old, and his spying took place 20 to 25 years ago. He agreed with the judge’s assessment that what Kadish did was “for the benefit of Israel”--as if the two agreed that, as a result, all was forgiven."

The London Car-Bomb and The need for Intelligent Skepticism

"Mr. Brown has just taken office, and expectations are high that he will distance himself from Blair's foreign policy, a policy many thoughtful people regard as foolish, destructive, and rather servile."

Being a Suspect, Not a Terrorist, Gets You Killed or Detained...

"The more victims you create, the more people want revenge and thus you create a self-perpetuating war on terrorism or on terrorism suspects."



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