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An Open Letter to Congress

"Many who have died are women, children and the elderly."

Iraq Is Not Vietnam. But…

"The lifeblood of democracy is the free flow of information for the body politic. Corporate media and inordinate government power are responsible for deadly blockages."

The Spirit of Smokesylvania

"Will the current torture expose derail the Bush re-election campaign? Possibly. But Bush's handlers are taking no chances and Bush has imposed a series of sanctions on Syria--at exactly the time he should be pursuing closer ties in order to resolve the Iraq quagmire. By the time Kerry (if elected) is sworn in, the "Greater Mid East" region could be on the brink of a more widespread and irreversible conflict."

USAID, Palestinian civil society at impasse over anti-terror clause

"This is not the first time that Palestinians have been antagonized by the new rules instituted by the US government after the incidents of September 11."

By Bush Agenda: Mission Accomplished – Time for U.S. to Leave...

"There is no need now for U.S. military presence whatsoever. There is no need for U.S. corporations in Iraq to rebuild the country. Let the Iraq's rebuild their own country. They built it in the first place without U.S. corporations in charge! If the Iraqis want to hire U.S. contractors, let the Iraqis make that decision!"



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