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Spies, Spies Everywhere, and Not a Trial in Sight

"Charges of obstruction of justice and espionage--the latter of which, under certain circumstances, would call for the death penalty--were dropped against Kadish. But Kadish is 85 years old, and his spying took place 20 to 25 years ago. He agreed with the judge’s assessment that what Kadish did was “for the benefit of Israel”--as if the two agreed that, as a result, all was forgiven."

How McCain/Palin could gain a political advantage by appealing to environmentalists

"It would be a great thing if the two political parties actually began competing to save the environment, instead of fighting each other over environmental issues."

"A Barrier to Peace"

"The new route reinforces the creation of Palestinian ghettos in the northern, central and southern West Bank. It also reinforces religious inaccessibility to holy sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Mainly, the new route reinforces Israel's race to create facts on the ground that further complicate efforts toward the creation of a viable Palestinian state."

Bush Committee contains seeds of future "Intelligence Failures"

"It would probably be useful to expand the investigation to include the Vice President's "Office of Special Projects" shadow intelligence agency as well as the seeking of asylum in Sweden by American intelligence official(s) indicating intense pressure to fabricate Iraqi WMD intel in the run-up to the war."

Mistaken Perception

"To accept suffering is to accept defeat. The weak cannot afford that."



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