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Iran’s popular choice not favoured in the West

"Iran’s traditional antagonists in the West cannot be so dumb as not to realize that the more they seek to undermine Ahmadinejad, they unfortunately, sabotage Mousavi’s reputation by unfairly casting him as their favoured puppet."

Nakba 60th year: Complex or Not – Solution is Simple

"A great deal of the confusion about the so-called “complex” nature of the conflict has been deliberately engineered by the apartheid state of Israel. This strategy, built around the exploitation of guilt on the issue of anti-semitism, has aided successive Israeli regimes to ignore, defy and manipulate all known conventions with the direct complicity of Western nations."

Why Pretend That Hillary Clinton Is Progressive?

"It’s sad to see that the progressive conference has excluded from the podium the vigorous primary challenger Tasini while featuring a speaker who has stood against the progressive agenda consistently for more than a decade on issues ranging from NAFTA to the invasion and occupation of Iraq."

No clear direction

"Recent statements from Washington, however, that seem to be giving a green light to an Israeli unilateral strategy in the next phase, including from officials such as Condoleezza Rice and influential experts like Martin Indyk, are undermining the position and efforts of Abbas."

Give us an option

"...the reality is that the gradual radicalization of Palestinian public opinion that led to victory for the opposition to the peace process is a direct result of systematic Israeli policies and practices that aimed at preventing any prospect for a politically negotiated solution on the basis of international legality. These also led to economic deterioration and unmanageable levels of unemployment and poverty."



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