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The goal is democratization

"...Israel's fear of rising Islamists is hard to swallow, when every sign is that democracy in Israel is leading it towards right-wing religious extremism. It might be useful here to remind ourselves that the parties that took over in most of Europe after World War II were defined by a right-wing Christian ethos, and most of the parties that rose to power after the transformation of Central and Eastern Europe were also religious. All of us need to support these Arab revolutions in the difficult process of building a framework for democracy and institutions that allow for the smooth and regular transfer of power."

Israel’s extremism is the reason

"...the efforts of the friends of Israel, including the United States and Europe, should focus on influencing Israel bilaterally, including by introducing elements of accountability into their relationships. The fact that Israel has been allowed to enjoy having its cake and eating it too--in other words, disregarding the expectations of its friends while continuing to enjoy the benefits of those friendships--has allowed these negative hard-line trends to continue."

Independent media hopes – a setback

"Jordan's reform movement was given a hefty present with the Odwan resignation. The media strategy that his committee produced will now become the rallying cry for activists and media professionals, and officials will have no one but themselves to blame for this high-profile retraction of the media's aspirations."

Search for justice continues

"Instead of responding to these legitimate and peaceful demands in blood or blaming other parties, Israel should draw the correct conclusions and realize that only by recognizing the existence of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights of self-determination, freedom and statehood in their homeland can there be a peaceful solution. Without this, there will be neither coexistence nor normalization."

Dialogue fosters moderation

"This reconciliation agreement with Hamas is a positive development and an indication of moderation. It should be supported in order to strengthen the moderates within the movement."



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