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The Iraq Debate We Should Have Had 15 Years Ago

Fifteen years ago this week, while the Bush Administration was busy beating the drums for an invasion of Iraq, I submitted a resolution calling on...

Need of Conflict Resolution

"The Kashmir Issue needs to be resolved once and for all to the satisfaction of all three parties - the Governments of India & Pakistan and the people of Kashmir. All sides involved in this most unfortunate and tragic dispute must come to terms with the reality that the time for peace is now. The reality is that flexibility must be exercised by all parties in order to act in good faith, and that the playing field must be leveled at the negotiating table. Because it is almost impossible to find a solution of the Kashmir dispute that respects all the sensitivities of Pakistan, values all the sentiments of India and keeps in tact the whole State of Jammu & Kashmir. Yet an imaginative solution demand flexibility from all parties concerned."

Rare sign of Palestinia​n backbone: Standing up to US and Israeli...

"...Palestinians are witnessing a revitalised and more popular leadership than they had in some time. Nevertheless many questions still remain. Is this the end of a phase or the beginning of one? What will happen the day after? Is the Palestinian leadership so focused on getting the world to recognise statehood that it failed to consider a domestic plan to support such a declaration on the ground?"

Voterism: A Government for The New Millennium

"A voter centric government is one that is founded upon the belief that a free society depends upon the handwritten selection of representatives by voters who use hand-counted paper ballots and who celebrate all national elections with a paid voting holiday....A voterist believes a votocracy created and controlled by individual voters is the most favorable form of government....Voterism is not a political party.  Rather, it is a way for independently-minded and concerned voters of every political persuasion to think for themselves....As our rapidly-changing world spins into a new millennium, and the older forms of governments are using new forms of technology to become more repressive of and less responsive to their electors, isn’t it time for all of us to consider a modification in how we organize for the common good?"

More process than peace

"In dealing with this conflict, the international community must apply unified standards that are rooted in international legality and the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, including the roadmap, which obliges Israel to stop settlement expansion and aims at ending the occupation that began in 1967. In addition, it has to introduce certain elements of accountability into its relations with Israel, otherwise there will be very little hope of resuming the peace process. If it restarts under these conditions, it will be more "process" than "peace".



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