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Abstract Quality Journalism for War

"Inside a contrived news frame, destruction can nurture life. In media myth, we can be well-informed and ignorant of war’s realities. Along the way, the benefits of numbed quiescence and muffled dissent are vastly overrated."

Hollywood’s most misunderstood genre deserves its own award category

Even propaganda can be good art. In that spirit, I nominate The Reader for the inaugural Leni Riefenstahl Award for Excellence in Propaganda.

What preoccupies young Palestinian minds

"After the introductions and the greetings came yet another touching moment. The youth from the Nablus area wanted to know how fellow Palestinians in nearby Jerusalem were doing. They wanted to know how Nablusites were doing! No one talked about the wall, no one mentioned occupation, travel restrictions weren't harped on. Their message, delivered without malice, anger or hatred, was clear. They cared about the occupation."

Clueless at Campaign Headquarters

"What is the difference between the Democratic/Republican Party and a gang in the hood? The gang in the hood usually limits its harm to the local area. The Dem/Repub Party causes global harm."

Democratic Platform Option: "Guaranteed Health Care for All"

"What's in place is a profit-driven system of health care with devastating effects on human beings. Even the most illuminating stats tend to become glib, abstracting calibration of damage to lives in the United States, where at any moment 47 million people are uninsured and another 50 million are badly under-insured."



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