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The Working Poor and Livable Wage

"The required Federal Minimum wage keeps the average American family of four living in poverty. According to the Working Poor Families Project study, as of in December 2010 Nearly one in every three American families is classified as the working poor, that is 45 million people including 22 million children.  These are the people who can barely make it from month to month, they are two income providers and blue collar workers.  The wages and hours are decreasing and the monthly bills keep going up."

A Highway For Peace

"I imagine that after living in peace for 50 years, the right of Israel to exist will be accepted by all nations in the Middle East, that the United States and the United Nations are perceived to have acted even-handedly in the matter, and that the "War on Terrorism" will have become a footnote in history."

Child rights and Islam

A greater engagement with Islamic thinkers is overdue in order to facilitate debate about child rights in Muslim societies and beyond.

A complicated and unilaterally imposed situation

"In the eyes of the public, the role of the Palestinian security services is legitimate when they maintain law and order in Palestinian areas, but not in the dual role assigned them by Israel and members of the international community, to prevent armed resistance against Israel and thus maintain the security of Israel."

Chances for a ceasefire are minimal

"It would be more constructive if Israel-Gaza relations, including on a ceasefire, were dealt with as part of overall Palestinian-Israeli relations. This, however, would require ending the Palestinian-Palestinian rift and the current domestic Israeli political crisis, which has left the current Israeli government unable to deliver on anything."



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