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US President Barack Hussein Obama’s Mumbai visit ignores 4 million city...

"It is evident that as local issues started taking back seat, when the international scenarios seem to dominate the danger of inflammations. Death of Karkare, the Anti Terrorist Squad Chief that exposed Saffron Terror and instantly became target of death threats from the Hindutva extremists, seems to be uncannily inserted in the 26/11 terror scenario; giving strong doubts of common authorship of the two distinct and disparate streams of terror, intermingling to achieve some common agenda."

Radio used to help Jordanians follow World Cup

"For the second time in eight years, football fans in Jordan were denied the pleasure of watching the World Cup this year. For sure the games were available to Jordanians, but with a fee."

Malpractice TV

"Never mentioned was the fact that 18,000 die in the US every year from lack of access to health care. How can 18,000 deaths be ignored - trivialized? That is like having a 9/11 every 60 days - but worse because we are doing it to ourselves."

Bleak Future for Chrysler and GM

"The Obama administration’s plan to restructure Chrysler sets bad precedent. Its exit strategy, which depends on restoring the company to profitability, is as naïve as the Bush administration’s plan for withdrawing from Iraq. Don’t bet on a robust Chrysler or GM materializing anytime soon."

Not even Tobacco is Safe

"For the time being, tobacco will continue to be increasingly marginalized, demonized and controlled, but not banned. I believe the powers that be prefer the tobacco industry and the taxes and subsidies and regulations to the prospect of banning tobacco. But years down the line, if the number of Americans who enjoy tobacco diminishes significantly, it’s not impossible anymore to imagine it being banned. This country did ban alcohol, after all, and it’s hard to be surprised any more by the modern American state’s pretenses of omnipotence."



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